Best Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile: Top 6 Collections

Best Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile:

Call of Duty Mobile is a Popular battle royale game that offers varieties of weapon choices to the players, with unique skins and cosmetics. Whether the weapons in COD mobile are normal or mythic and legendary, their performance remains the same, but also players want to get one to boost their profile/showoff.

In this article, I will list the most Attractive CODM mythic weapon skins that can give you appreciation from friends and foes. If you have any of the skins mentioned here, you are a die-hard gamer.

6 Best Mythic Weapons in Cod Mobile

RYTEC AMR Nautilus

RYTEC AMR Nautilus Call of Duty Mobile

If you are a sniper lover in Cod Mobile, you might like this mythic skin of RYTEC. The game introduced this cool-looking gun skin in season 6.

Rytec AMR is a sniper that you can unlock in CODM by performing 30 headshots with a sniper. This gun has the best damaging ability, satisfactory recoil, mobility, and fire rate, but outstanding accuracy and damage.

Oden- Divine Smite

Oden- Divine Smite CODM

The surprise of COD Mobile season 5, Oden-divine smite, is another best Mythic gun in the game. The Oden is an AR in CODM that you can unlock by achieving 30 headshot kills with an Assault Rifle.

This gun performs satisfactorily based on range, damage, FF, control, and mobility. But you can see the appearance of this AR mythic skin; it is smooth, precious, and shining.

AK 47 Radiance

AK 47 Radiance Call of Duty Mobile

Another popular mythic gun in this list is AK 47 Radiance, and players got it from ultraviolet mythic drop spending CP. It is one of the best Mythic weapons in COD mobile that looks much more attractive, insane, and valuable. I don’t want to explain the AK-47, as it is already the best gun on your list.

Peacekeeper MK2

Peacekeeper MK2 CoD mobile Mythic weapon

I love the Peacekeeper gun in CODM and its MK2 Mythic skin more than that due to its innovative decoration and shine. Peacekeeper is an AR weapon that unlocks after getting headshot kills in the games.

The performance of a Peacekeeper is outstanding. The mythic skin of the Peacekeeper gun came into the Call of Duty mobile in December 2020.


CBR4 AMOEBA CODM mythic skin

If you have gone through CODM season 10, you might have unlocked the Mythic skin of the CBR4 gun. The CBR4 is the SMG category weapon in the game with good FireRate, and mobility, but the control, range, accuracy, and damage are satisfactory unless you upgrade. So, if you have the Mythic Amoeba skin, you rocks.

Kilo 141 Demonsong

Kilo 141 Demonsong Cod Mobile

If you really like Mythic weapons and are a fan of Cod Mobile, you might have unlocked the skin of Kilo 141 in season 11. To get the Kilo 141 gun, you should achieve 30 headshot kills with an assault rifle. It is the best weapon with good recoil, mobility, and Fire rate.

Can I obtain CoD mobile Mythic Weapons for free?

No. You can’t unlock Mythic cosmetics for free on Call of duty mobile. The game brings these Mythic items on some occasions, and players must spend COD points to get them from spin, draw, or crates.

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