How to get COC Warrior Skin of Royal Champion?

How to get COC Warrior Skin of Royal Champion?

Royal Champion is one hero in Clash of Clans who targets the defenses of the opponent base with her spear. She has varieties skins in the game, which you can get with gems or Gold Pass, and this time, COC has released the January 2023 season with the Warrior skin of the Royal champion hero.

Clash of Clans 2023 January Season reward list

Players who have purchased the COC Gold Pass of January 2023 can unlock many surprises, including Warrior Champion skin. Rewards for Gold Pass Players are:

1) 1 Gem donation: you can donate any troops by spending only one gem.
2) 10% Builder Boost: The building will require 10% fewer resources and time to build and upgrade. Also, crafting in the Forge requires 10% fewer resources and time.

3) 10% Training Boost: You can train troops, spells, and siege machines and heal heroes quickly.
4) 10% Research Boost: Troops, spell, pets, and siege machine upgrades 10% less resource and time.

5) Moreover, Bigger season bank, power potion, 3000 Capital Glod, Rune of Builder Gold, 5X wall rings, Book of Spells, Shovel of obstacles, Book of fighting, 15% research boost, Resource potion, Rune of Dark Elixir, Book of heroes, Builder potion and Hero skin warrior champion.

However, if you play with a free Gold pass in Clash of Clans in the January season, you can unlock Dark elixir, Golds, some Capital golds, Builder elixir, research potion, and Book of heroes.

Way to unlock Warrior Champion hero skin in COC

To get the Royal champion’s Warrior skin in Clash of Clans, purchase Gold Pass first, then complete the challenges and obtain 1720 points. The player should score that points by the season’s end.

After getting 1720 points, the warrior champion will be yours forever. The royal champion hero in this cosmetic looks best with her modified spear and decorative shield. So, If you unlock warrior champion, you will get the feeling of being a premium player of COC in the season of January 2023.

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