Best Decks for Bowler in Clash Royale- Destroy the Tower

Bowler in Clash Royale

Before you know the best decks in Clash Royale for Bowler, you need to know some necessary information. Bowler is a unique troop that falls under the epic rarity.

He carries a huge stone which he throws towards the enemy pushing the enemy units backward while also dealing massive damage.

On average, the clash royale bowler is neither too strong nor too weak, but it also depends on which troop type card you compare with him.

For instance, if you compare the bowler with an air troop type card, it is weak as it cannot attack the air troops, but he might be strong against the card like skeletons, archers, and goblins.

If you compare Pekka with Bowler in Clash royale, you will find Bowler is more Powerful as he does not let Pekka reach him, but if Pekka came close to him, then bowler can not do anything. So, this is the chemistry.

5 Best Decks for Bowler in Clash Royale

#1. Bowler-Night Witch Deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.8)

Clash Roayle Bowler-Night Witch Deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.8)

The first best Bowler’s Deck in CR is Night witch Deck which contains a bowler, Baby-dragon, Knight, Arrow, Night-witch, Skeleton army, Battle-ram, and a Musketeer. All the troops are the best for the main attacking card, the battle ram.

#2. Lumberjack-Bowler deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.9)

 Lumberjack-Bowler deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.9)

Another perfect Deck for a bowler is Lumberjack-Bowler which includes troops such as Bowler, inferno-Dragon, Freeze, Tornado, Ballon, Lumberjack, Baby-dragon, and Barbarian-Barrel.

As listed above, the main attacking card of this deck is inferno-dragon and Ballon, followed by the support of lumberjack and freeze. This combo can destroy the enemy tower effortlessly, whereas you can play tornado baby dragon and barbarian barrel as a defensive card.

#3. Bowler-mirrior deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.7)

Bowler-mirrior deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.7)

This deck consists of bowler, fireball, Goblin-Barrel, The-log, Mirrior, Minions horde, Furnance, and rascals. You know rascals can destroy everything that comes in the middle of them. Whereas other troops in the deck, like Log, minions horde, and Furnace are good defensive and attacking cards.

But the combo of goblin-barrel and mirrior can destroy the tower if they are untouched by the enemy defensive cards such as fireball, arrows, and skeleton army.

#4. Lightning-Bowler Deck (AVG Elixir cost 4)

Lightning-Bowler Deck (AVG Elixir cost 4)

Bowler, Mega-minion, Bomber, Giant, Goblin-Cage, Baby-dragon, Tornado, and Lighting are there in this deck to beat the enemy in clash royale.

The main attacking card of the Lightning-Bowler Deck is giant. Other troops in the deck, such as lighting, mega minion, and the Bowler are defensive and attacking.

Tornado, baby-dragon, goblin-cage and bomber can be the best defensive cards for the opponent cards at the battleground.

#5. Bowler Driller Deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.6)

Clash Royale Bowler Driller Deck (AVG Elixir cost 3.6)

If you already have tired other Clash Royale decks for Bowler, why don’t you use Bowler Driller Deck, as it is also the best one? This deck has Bowler, Driller, Mega-minion, Elite-Barbarian, Mother-witch, Arrows, Zap, and bats. You can play each troop in this deck in defensive and attacking ways.