Best Decks of Goblin Barrel in Clash Royale- Top 5

Goblin Barrel in Clash Royale

If you play goblin barrel most in Clash royale, you might know the perfect decks of this card, but if you have no such knowledge, you will get it in this article.

Goblin barrel is a spell-type card consisting of 3 goblins inside the barrel, which you can cast all over the battleground. Clash Royale players usually play Goblin Barrel as an attacking strategy, but the player with a high IQ plays this card also as a defense card.

If you ask if the goblin barrel is good or bad, then the answer is it depends on the playing strategy because if you use the card strategically, you could find it most helpful.

However, the goblin barrel is weak against the Clash royale cards like Zap and The-log, whereas this card is strong against the tower-type card such as inferno-tower, canon, etc. Now, let us come to the point.

5 Best Decks of goblin barrel Clash royale

#1. Princess-Goblin Barrel Deck (Avg elixir cost 3.8)

Princess-Goblin (Avg elixir cost 3.8)

It is the first best deck of clash royale goblin barrel in this list, consisting of goblin barrel, princess, valkyrie, knight musketser, Tesla, The-log, and Mega knight. You can play Mega-knight, valkyrie, and princes in defensive and aggressive ways.

Other troops in this deck, such as knight, musketser, tesla, and the Log, are good defensive cards. With the combo of these four cards, you can counter every enemy’s cards on the battleground. Moreover, you can play goblin barrel as the major attacking card of the deck.

#2. Mirrior-Goblin Barrel (Avg elixir cost 3.3)

Mirrior-Goblin (Avg elixir cost 3.3)

In this deck, there is The-log, Fire-Ball, Rocket, Goblin-Barrel, Arrows, Mirrior, Graveyard, and rage. This deck was one of the most highlighted decks with goblin barrel in CR, used by many YouTubers to create the content.

So, using this deck, you can play goblin as an attacking troop with the support of mirrior and rage card, whereas you can play rocket, fireball, The-Log, arrows, and grave-yard as defensive and attacking.

#3. Goblin Barrel-Bandit Deck (Avg elixir cost 3.9)

(Avg elixir cost 3.9)

You will get Tesla, Dark-Knight, Princess, Bandit, Dart-Goblin, Elite-Barbarians, and wizard in this deck. Goblin Barrel-Bandit Deck is one of the best deck combos of goblin barrel because the card is strong with the troop card that has area splash damage.

So, there is a princess and wizard, dark-knight, and Bandit that can back up the goblin. If not as backup support, they can be a perfect defensive card. Moreover, this goblin deck has elite barbarians that play the best role in defending enemy units.

#4. Goblin-Barrel- witch deck (Avg elixir cost 3.9)

Goblin-Barrel- witch deck (Avg elixir cost 3.9)

It is designed for a low arena and is a strong deck for goblin barrel to arena-10. The main attacking troop of this deck is a giant that goes straightly for the opponent tower, and all the other troop’s musketeer, Baby-dragon, witch, fireball, zap, and goblin barrel are defensive and attacking.

#5. Goblin Barrel-Mega knight deck (Avg elixir cost 3.8)

Clash Royale: Goblin Barrel-Mega knight deck (Avg elixir cost)

Goblin-Barrel Baby-dragon, Knight, Goblin-Gang, Mega-Knight, Ice-spirit, Inferno-tower, and fireball are the armies of this deck. As mentioned before, the goblin barrel is the best combo with the card with area splash damage, so it is one of the clash royale decks having many cards that satisfy the condition.