LoL Wild Rift Pyke: His Best Build, Spell, Rune, Item, Counter

LoL Wild Rift Pyke

Pyke is a support champion in LoL Wild rift that offers a different playstyle from other supports. He is famous for his ultimate, which gives a very satisfying kill. Moreover, Pyke is popular for being very slippery and annoying, as he has massive mobility and movement speed.

However, keep in mind, although Pyke is slippery and hard to catch, If he gets caught, he dies immediately. So always keep this in mind when playing him.

Also, unlike other supports, Pyke requires skill to play as all his abilities are skill shots, and missing them can make your champion feel useless.

Wild Rift champ Pyke is different from every other support because he is the support that builds assassin’s items and gets rewarded for them. He is also the support that takes kills.

Moreover, he can take kills but just using his ultimate as if he kills a target using his ultimate, and both he and the last teammate who assisted him in getting the kill gets 300 gold each. So, it is not a troll thing for this support to take the kills.

Build Guide: All about Pyke in Lol Wild Rift

Pyke’s Combo in Wild Rift

The whole combo of Pyke revolves around his first ability, which is his hook. If he misses it, then his combo is useless so be sure to land your hook no matter what.

First, you land his hook so the enemy team gets slowed and can not move, and then you use your second ability to catch up to them. Then, use your third ability to stun them, and you press your ultimate when they are low enough. Don’t miss your ultimate as it provides you much gold, which is crucial to get you and your team ahead.

Weakness and Counters of Pyke

One of Pyke’s Biggest weaknesses of Pyke in Wild Rift is his lack of durability. You can not build health on Pyke as every health item you build gets converted to attack damage which makes pyke very squishy, and all he offers is his damage. If the enemy catches him, he will die, so you should play pyke very carefully as you can not dash into the enemy team thinking you will survive.

Champions that can heal like Sona, Soraka, and yummi can counter Pyke in LoL Wild Rift. Pyke can kill targets that are low health, and if those enemies are healing by their support, then pyke can not kill them using his ultimate.

Pyke’s best Spells in Wild Rift

Pyke's best Spells

Since pyke is the support that likes to play aggressive, flash and ignite are always a must on him as he can make so many plays with this. You can also use the flash exhaust spell for Pyke if the enemy team has a lot of burst champions.

But I prefer you use ignite flash spell every time as it is always a guaranteed kill if you hook someone and then ignite them.

Best Runes of Pyke

Best Runes of Pyke

The first best rune for Pyke in LoL Wild Rift is an aftershock, as this rune makes him durable. You can also pick electrocute rune on pyke if the enemy team has many squishy champions, and you can kill anyone solo.

The next perfect rune of Pyke is weakness, as you can proc this rune again and boost your ally’s damage. Or you can go brutual if you do not trust your team.

Similarly, the second wind rune is another best pick for the extra healing and sustain in the lane as pyke is a melee Champion. Or you can also go, hunter titan, if the enemy team has lots of ccs and stuns.

Your last rune will be hunter genius for the ultimate cooldown. Or you can also go, pathfinder, if you want to roam a lot and make plays.

Best Items build for Pyke in LoL Wild Rift.

Best Items build for Pyke in LoL Wild Rift.

The first perfect item of Pyke is always a Yomuu’s Ghostblade for the extra movement speed ability haste. The movement speed you get from your Ghostblade will be helpful to roam around the map and make plays.

Similarly, the second best item build of Pyke will be duskblade, as this champ can abuse the passive of this item to go invisible nonstop and give insane damage.

You then go CD boots with protobelt enchant for the extra mobility followed by guardian angle. This item will let the Pyke escape. Moreover, the other build item of Pyke includes the edge of a knight for extra safety and streylas for the slow and armor penetration.

Wild Rift Pyke’s Skin

Wild Rift Pyke's Skin