Wild Rift Akshan Build: His counters, Item, Spell, Rune & Skin

Wild Rift Akshan Build: His counters, Item, Spell, Rune & Skin

Akshan champion can give the best result in Wild Rift battles if you know how to build him properly. In this article, you will learn all about this champion.

Akshan is a newly release Mid Lane champion in LoL Wild Rift that has the potential to change the course of the game no matter how doom it looks due to his passive which revives all his dead Allies.

He also has a lot of utility and passive and is hard to understand at first. But once you master Akshan’s skills, you can fully use his kit to his full potential and make games easy.

I suggest you not use Akshan as he does not have any damage. No matter how fed he is in the late game to balance his kit of reviving his dead enemies, he has low damage compared to other Carries. So he can not always use his passive, which is stupidly broken.

However, I suggest you play Akshan in Wild Rift only when your team is full of damage carriers who can get them all low so you can clean up and revive any dead Allies. Also, max your third ability instead of the first ability, as when your third ability is high, you can one-shot any squishy targets.

Akshan is also one of the best roamers in wildrift due to his second ability, which gives him permanent invisibility. You know, invisibly is a very broken thing in wildrift as there are no control wards yet like in LOL.

So, after knowing about Akshan, let us know his perfect items, spells, runes, counters to build him a strong champion.

Guide: All about the Build of Akshan in LoL Wild Rift

Weakness and counters of Akshan

I mentioned earlier, Akshan lacks damage which is one of his main weaknesses. And during team fights, if the enemy team focuses on Akshan, he can not use his passive to revive his Allies, making his whole kit useless. If you pick Akshan when your team has no damage champions, he can not do much or be impactful. So watch out for that.

Akshan also has a weak wave clear, and wave clear is everything in wildrift as champions with wave clear can easily rotate and roam. Therefore, champions like Lux, Anivia can counter Akshan in LoL Wild Rift.

Akshan Items

The best build item for Akshan in Wild Rift: Blade of Ruined King, Infinity edge.

The best build item for Akshan in Wild Rift is Blade of Ruined King, then after Infinity edge. But you can build either semi tank or Full Damage.

Akshan Best Spells in Wild Rift

Akshan Best Spells in Wild Rift

Since Akshan lacks damage, you select ignite and flash spell on him instead of flash and barrier or heal so you can try and maximize damage.

Akshan Runes

Akshan Runes
  1. Conquerer
  2. Brutal
  3. Adaptive carapace
  4. Pathfinder

Going conqueror on Akshan is a no-brainer, and conquer is the best rune for Akshan in Wild rift by far in comparison with other runes. You pick brutal rune on Akshan for early game damage and to snowball the lead you have. Carapace rune is very good against both AP and AD heavy champs.

You can also build Akshan with a hunter-titan rune if the enemy team has massive CCs and stun. And final best rune is Pathfinder, so Akshan can roam and rotate more and give your team lead.

Skin of Akshan

Skin of Akshan

Since battle academia Akshan is the only skin for Akshan, this is your only option for now.