How to increase MMR in Wild Rift to Gain LP? 2 Effective Ways

How to increase MMR in Wild Rift to Gain LP?

In LOL Wild Rift, MMR is your Matchmaking Rating, and if you succeed increase it, you will get many benefits. MMR is a number that Riot gives to players to determine how strong they are, compared to others.

Your MMR determines the League points amounts you get in ranked alongside your matchmaking. Depending upon the MMR, the Player gains a different LP amount in the game.

While you’re playing, MMR is one of the most important statistics which doesn’t affect gameplay, but only it is a guiding factor for matchmaking in the game.

MMR determines who you’re going to be playing against and affects your LP gains. If you have a bad win rate in Wild Rift, you will have +10LP -15, and it is frustrating to deal with, especially if you are trying to climb the ranks.

Since MMR is your matchmaking rating, it is the outcome of game performance. However, it is hard to get a Quantifiable single value for your performance, especially in games that depend on teams.

You do not know how your MMR is calculated in Wild Rift, as it is more of an internal ranking. It prevents players from gaming their MMR and exploiting the system. But we have a general idea of how to raise your MMR.

Most Effective ways to increase LOL Wild Rift MMR:

1. Maintain a Good win rate in your ranked games

One of the best ways to have a good MMR for better Lp gains in Wild Rift is having a high win rate in ranked like 55%, and above win rate is good enough for your MMR to be stable.

Since you only level up MMR in ranked, it won’t matter if you’ve a high win-rate in PvP, non-ranked modes. So having a high win rate in ranked games is the best idea to increase MMR.

2. Go on a winning streak

If your account is an old account with the worst win rates, the only effective way to raise MMR is by going on a winning streak. I know this might sound like useless information, but it is the only way.

Going on a winning streak means- you win tons of games to increase your win rate, which in the end, will make your MMR best.

Keep in mind that ranking while duo or trio with your friends also counts, so if possible, try duo or trio with your friends that are good at the game and can help you constantly win games back to back to upgrade MMR in Wild Rift.

If you lose more matches, then your MMR will get worse. So play every game up to your full potential.