Wild Rift Sona Build Guide: Counter, Spell, Rune, and Skin

Wild Rift Sona Build Guide: Counter, Spell, Rune, and Skin

This guide is all about the best build of Sona in Wild Rift, including her counters, spells, Runes, Combos, weakness, and skin. 

Sona is one of the earliest and iconic support in the Wild Rift and has always been a reliable pick no matter the meta or season due to her utility in the forms of her healing, Ally team buff, and her iconic ult that crowd controls multiple enemies. 

If you want to swap your role to support and play easy support that can impact games, Sona is the perfect champion in the Rift. She doesn’t really have any skill shot abilities apart from her ultimate with a big range, so the chances of missing are less.

Sona Combo 

Sona has a pretty simple-to-use kit and doesn’t have a specific combo, but it generally goes like this. You use your second ability to heal and third ability to buff your allies, followed by your first ability to do damage and ultimate to CC enemies. 

Sona Counters in Wild Rift

One of the weaknesses of Sona is engaging Champions that like to go all in. So, the Champions such as nautilus, pyke, and thresh can counter Sona as she prefers to stand behind her team while healing and buffing them. If they just come straight for you, then there won’t be much you can do. Therefore, be sure to play safe during the early game stages.

Moreover, Sona in Wild Rift can counter, or she is strong against the champions such as Lulu, Janna, Nami, and Vayne. 

Wild Rift Sona Best Runes

Playing Sona with Arey as her primary rune in Rift allows her to increase her healing and shielding. Scorch or weakness runes also work best on Sona. Loyalty is one of the best defense runes for Sona in Wild Rift for extra magic resist and armor.

The last best rune to build Sona can be either pack Hunter for extra gold for you and your teammate for every kill or mana flow band since she struggles with mana problems.

Sona build

Best Build Items of Sona in Wild Rift

  1. Spectral Sickle
  2. Harmonic Echo
  3. Ardents Censor
  4. Morellos
  5. Rabadoons Death Cap

Since you are playing Sona as support; therefore, the spectral sickle is the best item to build her as support. After that, harmonic echo is the perfect build item choice for the extra ability of haste and healing. Ardents censor as your third ability will buff your adc and grant them more attack speed which is always a good thing. 

Morellos items will give you more magic penetration and healing reduction. Finally, you can finish this Sona build with a rabadoons death cap for the extra increase in ability power.

Best Skin of Sona in Wild Rift

Sona skin

Muse sona is the rarest and best skin of sona as it is not always available in the shop. So if you see it in the shop, still be sure to buy it as it might not be available permanently.