Nilah Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

Nilah Build Wild Rift | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Nilah in LoL Wild Rift, his best Items, Runes, Counters, Spells and combo.

Nilah is adc champion in Wild Rift with completely different playstyle from the traditional ad carries, and not many players know how her kit works and how to make full use of her carry potential. She has melee range and has tons of sustain and invulnerability to compensate for the lack of range.

Even if she gets focused on in team fights, she can easily peel for herself due to her abilities. Nilah is really weak in the early game as she relies fully on items, but in the late game, she will make you satisfied.

Nilah Combo

You start off her combo, which lets you dash towards enemie,s and the more you hit enemies with your autos, the more off cooldown this ability gets making you very slippery. You follow this up with your ultimate, which pulls people towards you. Then use your second ability, which makes you immune to physical attacks for some second and grants you tons of magic resistance. Finally, use first ability, which heals you the more Crit damage you have.

Nilah Best Spells
Nilah best spell wild rift
Flash and exhaust are the best combinations of battle spells for Nilah build as she is a champion that continuously get into fights, and exhaust will be of great value. However you can also go barrier if you can not get in range of the enemies to exhaust them.

Nilah Counter

One of Nilah’s weaknesses is her early game, as she does no damage until getting 4 full items. So make sure to farm safely and not die in the early game. So, the champions like Zed, kha Zix, Rengar are the best counters against Nilah. But she is weak against champs like Caitlyn, Ashe, and twitch.

Nilah Items

Here is the set of LoL Wild Rift items suitable for the Nilah build:

Nilah items build wild rift
nilah build item
Immortal Shieldbow
It is the perfect first item for Nilah, as you get a shield, lifesteal, and extra crit. It will help you sustain in lane and grants you a shield, when you are in low health.

Infinity edge
Since Nilah heals scales with the amount of crit she has getting, infinity edge not only increases your base damage and grants you extra crict but also grants you more healing and sustain.

Phantom Dancer
She likes running down her enemies and doing damage over time, and phantom dancer allows you to do just that. It grants you extra movement speed every time you hit an enemy. Also, it gives you more crit chance than you need.

She has very high burst damage and can easily use collector’s passive and burst down enemies. It also grants you lethality and crict chance.

Bloodthirster is the final item to build Nilah a best adc. This item is for extra crit to max out your crit chance making it extremely strong for your passive.

Nilah Best Runes

Here is the set of Runes you must use for Nilah in Wild Rift to strengthen her build:

best rune volibear wild rift
It is the best primary rune for Nilah as she can easily stack this rune and gain bonus damage as she likes to be in Long fights.

Triumph as your second rune is ideal for the extra burst and healing you get for every low-health target.
Nilah best rune wild rift
Coup de grace
This rune is best for the damage build of Nilah, as it allows you to deal more damage to low-health targets and burst down carries.

Legend: alacrity
It grants your champion more attack speed in the game.

Sweet tooth
Sweet tooth is ideal for laning as it grants you more health and gold.