How to Level Up Scavenger Role in Undawn? Best Ways

How to Level Up Scavenger Role in Undawn? Best Ways

This article will guide you with Scavenger Role in Undawn and the best ways to level up it. So, let us continue.

Scavenger Undawn

As we already know that Undawn is a survival game where you have to search for resources, craft items, and battle zombies to survive. There are four roles in the Undawn, and the Scavenger role is one of them. This role is all about gathering resources and crafting items.

Scavenger players are skilled at finding materials and making useful things, such as weapons and armour. They have special abilities like using a grappling hook and camouflage to help them in their tasks. Playing as a Scavenger has its benefits. You can gather resources and craft items to help your team survive. Your unique abilities can also be useful in combat situations, and you become a valuable member of any team. You must be careful that the scavenger role is not as strong as other roles in direct combat, so you have to be alert and strategic.

Many players face difficulty upgrading this role because the game doesn’t provide clear information about the exact steps to level up as a Scavenger. Unlike others, gaining Scavenger experience is not difficult, but the process is somewhat different.

Best Ways to Level Up Scavenger in Undawn

1. Access the Scavenger mission:

Tap on the “Schedule” button at the top right of your screen, which will take you to the Daily Event screen.

2. Complete the mission every day:

To gain Scavenger EXP and increase your Scavenger level; you must complete a mission once a day.

3. Craft items

You can also earn Scavenger XP by crafting items.

4. Find the “Settlement Mission”:

In the list of events, locate the “Settlement Mission” and clear it solo to earn 20 activity points.

5. Meet “Hamm the Hamster” NPC:

Upon accepting the mission, you will be taken to the Scavenger Settlement at Lost City, where you’ll meet “Hamm the Hamster” NPC.

6. Complete the mission:

You may need to complete the mission at “Garbage Street” or “Shopping Center” by collecting specific items from designated locations and killing zombies.

7. Earn rewards and Scavenger Proficiency:

Completing the mission grants character experience, Talent Points, and Alloy Reinforcement Coating in Undawn, and you will also get Scavenger Proficiency and Settlement points to level up the Scavenger role.