Cod Mobile Control Layout | Best 3-Finger & 4-Finger

Cod Mobile Control Layout | Best 3-Finger & 4-Finger

In this article, you will find screenshots of the best 3-finger and 4-finger control layout settings in Cod Mobile [Call of Duty Mobile]. These will help you to control your MP, BR, or Zombies gameplay better and smoother. 

In every FPS mobile game, the claw setting is how you control your character, and there are three main types: two-finger, three-finger, and four-finger; however, some players prefer to use Five-finger also. Beginner players use their thumbs for moving and aiming and their index fingers for firing and jumping. 

The 3-finger claw setting adds more control with index fingers handling shooting, jumping, and crouching. The 4-finger claw setting is advanced, with index and middle fingers controlling more actions. Choosing the right layout depends on your style. 

The right layout gives you more control, faster actions, and flexibility. Experiment with different settings to find what suits you best, and practice to improve your gameplay.

Three-Finger Claw Layout

This control layout uses three fingers to play the game. It’s popular because it gives players better control and flexibility. With this layout, you can use your thumbs for movement, and your index fingers handle shooting, jumping, and crouching. It allows you to react quickly and perform actions faster. Using the 3-finger layout gives you more options and customization for your controls. To get better at it, start by learning the basics and practice regularly in training and real matches. Try different layouts to find the one that suits you best. So, here is the best 3-finger Layout in Call of Duty Mobile:

Four-Finger Claw Layout

It is a more advanced way to control the game using four fingers instead of just thumbs, and the majority of pro players prefer to use it. A 4-finger claw is better than a 3-finger because it gives players more control and speed during battles. With this layout, you use your thumbs to move your character and your left index finger for shooting and using other utilities. Your right index finger can be used for jumping, crouching and aiming, and you can use your right thumb for changing guns. It helps you play better in close fights and react faster to situations. To use this layout well, start with basic actions and practice regularly. Also, try different finger combinations to find what works best for you. So, here is the best 4-finger control Layout in Cod Mobile(CODM):

  • Note: It is to be noted that these layouts are not best for all players. It depends on the player’s personal preferences.