Best 2-Finger Layouts in Cod Mobile in 2023

Best two-Finger Layouts in Cod Mobile

Some players use three fingers, while other plays call of duty mobile with four fingers. Players customize the controls according to their habits, choice, and comfort. However, many CoD mobile players play with their 2-finger claw layouts and dominate the battleground.

Despite using the two fingers, these players have good accuracy, aim, and movement. The secret is their perfect layout setup. So, if you want to win the MP, BR, or Zombies mode in Cod Mobile with your 2 finger claw, I have brought some best layouts for you.

Best Two-Finger Claw for BR(Battleroyale) Mode

Best 2-finger Layout for Battleroyale mode in CoD mobile

Here is the best two-finger claw layout to win the battle royale games in CoD mobile. The mini-map is on the right-top corner of this claw layout, and you will have to control your camera and actions with your thumb, and your left hand will do all the transportation activities. You can try this 2-finger pro setting to control the BR mode.

Best Two-Finger claw for Multiplayer(MP) Mode

It is one of the best 2-finger claw layouts for the MP mode in CoD Mobile. Here the mini-map is on the right side, and the other buttons are well-balanced.

Best Two-Finger claw for Multiplayer(MP) Mode

You will have to control the camera, jump, crouch, and shoot with your thumb. This layout will help you to get MPV in the Multiplayer mode.

Similarly, here is another suitable 2-finger claw for the MP mode in CODM; the mini-map is on the left, and other buttons are in the best positions.

Best Two-finger Claw for Zombies mode in CODM

Best Two-finger Claw for Zombies mode

Zombies is a strategic and fun-to-play mode in CoD mobile, and if you are a 2-finger player, you can try this layout to get maximum performance.

Using this two-finger claw settings in zombies mode, you can balance your gameplay smoothly and get high kills in less time.

So, these are the 2-finger claw layouts you can try in 2023 to become a pro player of Call of Duty mobile. Firstly, try these settings, and play with them; if you like, keep playing and master them, else you can change them.

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