Farlight 84 Best Settings Guide

Farlight 84 Best Settings Guide

If you are familiar with any battle royale game, you might know how significant it is to have the optimum setting, especially sensitivity and Graphic settings. Either to get more kills or to escape the critical battles, the best setting customization makes it easy to handle the situation smoothly. Therefore, here are the all best settings to play Farlight 84 smoothly:

General Settings

Here are the best General Settings:

MarkerTurn it ON
GyroscopeIf your device support Gyroscope, I recommend you play Farlight 84 by keeping the Gyroscope feature On, as it will improve your control skills. Initially, you will find it difficult; however, after a few matches, you will have a habit of it.
Damage NumbersKeep it in default(Stacked)
Squad Info NotificationON

Graphic Settings

The Graphic setting in Farlight 84 determines the smooth gameplay, so here are the best options for 8GB and 4GB RAM Phones:

Graphic QualitySmooth
Frame RateMedium/High
Depends on Processor
Visual StyleDefault
Alternative Display ScreensDefault


Graphic QualityHDR/Ultra
Frame RateHigh
Visual StyleIt depends on you but I would recommend you to select the Fresh or Realistic
Alternative Display ScreensDefault

Weapons Settings

Here are the best weapons settings to get more kills in Farlight:

Aim AssistOn
Auto Fire: WeaponsOFF
Aim ModeHold
Quick ADSOn for all weapons
Fire ModesTap to Fire

Farlight 84 Best Sensitivity Settings

There are 4 sections for the Non-Gyro Sensitivity in Farlight which are Camera, Firing, Viewfinder and Vehicle. So, here are the best settings for each section:

Tactical Skill Sensitivity: 95%Standard View: 105%Capsuler and Vehicle: 100%Driver’s View: 110%
Standard View: 96%Red DOT Scope: 78%Vehicle 2x Scope: 55%
Red DOT Scope: 66%4x Scope 39%Vehicle 4x Scope: 45%
4x Scope: 24Shoulder-Aim View: 82%Vehicle 6x Scope
Ultimate Sensitivity: 95%2x Scope: 58%Vehicle Weapon Continous Fire: 100%
Shoulder-Aim View: 65%8x Scope: 23%Vehicle 2x Scope Firing: 55%
2x Scope: 43%Vehicle 4x Scope Firing: 40%
8x Scope: 12%Vehicle 8x Scope Firing: 25%

Farlight Gyroscope Sensitivity

Standard View: 140%Shoulder Aim View: 90%
Red DOT Scope: 100%2x Scope: 75%
4x Scope: 61%8x Scope: 35%

Loot Settings

If you are a beginner battle royale player, I recommend you turn on Auto Loot else keep it off. Keep Collapse Loot Window to disable Auto Loot option ON.

In conclusion, that is all about the Gyro, Non-Gyroscope and other settings in Farlight 84; you can set the sound and language options according to your preference.