All Characters in Farlight 84 | Heroes List

All Characters in Farlight 84 | Complete List

Farlight 84 is one of the best battle royale games, thanks to its unique heroes, good graphics, features and unique gameplay mechanism. Each of the heroes in this game carries a set of abilities which can determine win/lose movement. Therefore, if you can master a character or select the better one than your opponent, you can rock on the battlefield. Currently, there are 14 characters/heroes in Farlight 84, which are as follows:

  1. Momoi
  2. Watchman
  3. Captain
  4. Maggie
  5. Mr.R
  6. Lucinda
  7. Ember
  8. Phantom
  9. Syfer
  10. Ceanna
  11. Yong
  12. Sunil
  13. Ducksyde
  14. Beau

Now, we will categorise each character into male and female sections and will discuss one by one:

Farlight 84 All Male Characters/Heroes

1. Watchman
Watchman Male character farlight 84

Watchman is a Male character in Farlight 84 who set up a turret to slow down and deal damage to enemies. It means- if you get into competitive battles, you can get good benefits from the 1st ability of Watchman. His second skill deploys a defensive bunker at the current location, which helps you to stay safe from the bullets. Similarly, the 3rd ability will give you a shield. When Watchman takes damage, an energy barrier is automatically generated.

2. Captain

The Captain would be a significant squad member as his aqua blast skill can slow and damage enemies. This skill is good for getting more kills in short-range battles. He can also create a shield, which can save him from bullets but can fire at the enemy while inside it. In addition, Captain can reduce the enemy’s skill effect on him, which is best for survivability.

3. Mr. R
Mr. R

This robot-type-looking character, Mr. R reveals his secret weapon to fire a bombardment of rockets in the target frontal area. Also, he unleashes his most powerful weapon, shots over a period, without an ammo limit. It means, no need to get loot in some critical situations if you are riding Mr. R character in the Farlight 84 battleground. In addition, when he gets a kill or an assist, his jetpack CD is immediately reset.

4. Ember

Don’t underestimate this scientist–researcher, I don’t know what exactly he is, but he is fun-to-play. Ember releases a defence fog, reducing vision for all enemies in the area, which can help you to escape or get kills, assisting your squad. In addition, he throws a smoke bomb to distract enemies, making him immune to that smoke. So, you can blind enemies, but you are free to shoot your enemies.

5. Yong
Yong Farlight 84

Yong, a handsome male character in Farlight 84, activates his tactical reconnaissance eyepiece to provide all teammates with comprehensive info on enemies within the target’s range. You can scan the campers in the Farlight battlefield with the help of Yong. He also deploys a springboard that ejects the user at high speeds. That is not enough, no enemies can camp infront of Yong as he can see recent enemies’ footprints.

6. Sunil
Sunil Farlight 84

Sunil calls out hologram guidance, dispelling all negative effects from allies; while making them briefly immune to debuffs. Also, he increases the movement speed and damage of all allies for a short duration. So, most of the time, you will see at least one team member with Sunil. Sunil deploys a springboard that ejects the user at high speeds. In addition, when you shoot, the movement speed of Sunil increases, which can help to avoid bullets.

7. Ducksyde

Ducksyde deploys a defensive drone that creates a large protective barrier that moves and follows. It can increase the survival time in the match. He also throws smoke bombs in the right situation to divert enemies. Every once in a while, Ducksyde can use the shield recharger with double the effect.

8. Beau

This shy guy, Beau, throws a custom grenade, which splits into multiple smaller fragments after the initial explosion, causing secondary damage. He also throws a portable grenade that damages all enemies around the point of impact. When Beau uses an AR, magazine capacity is increased. So, it is clear that assault rifles would never upset you if you are playing Beau in Farlight 84.

Farlight 84 All Female Characters/Heroes

1. Maggie

Maggie is the Farlight 84 female character who overloads her jetpack circuits, shortening flight CDs. She throws a portable grenade that damages all enemies around the point of impact. So, the skill of Maggie is similar to Beau’s. In addition, her movement speed is increased for a short period after using the jetpack.

2. Momoi
Momoi Farlight 84

No need to wait or search for loot or airdrop if you are with the female character Momoi in Farlight 84 as she can deploy an Airdrop full of items. She also throws smoke bombs toward enemies. In addition, she and her allies can use Medkits and restore shields faster.

3. Lucinda

This beautiful girl in Farlight 84 throws out a card device that forms a mini black hole, dragging in all enemies within range to the center of the black hole while slowing down vehicles. She also throws a portable incendiary bomb that deals continuous damage to enemies within the flames. When you use a shotgun, MG capacity and reload speed are increased.

4. Phantom

Phantom uses Optic Camo to hide herself and all allies in range for a short period. She also deploys a portable scout device to get info on enemy locations around the landing points. If you are a sniper master, you can use it with Phantom, as she deals extra headshot damage with Sniper Rifles.

5. Syfer
Syfer Farlight 84 Female Character

Syfer launches an EMP shock that hacks into enemy devices, damaging the shields of all enemies within range and temporarily deactivates the use of jetpacks. She expands the recon network to obtain key location info on nearby enemies. When Syfer uses SMG, her reload speed increases.

6. Ceanna

Ceanna is the final Female character of Farlight 84 in this list who deploys a small drone next to each teammate, which can rescue or heal them. She further deploys a recovery device that provides healing and shield repair to teammates within range. She can rescue teammates faster than anyone else.