All 100 RP-rank outfits collection from all seasons in Pubg mobile

All 100 RP-rank outfits collection from all seasons in Pubg mobile

Do you have the 100 RP-rank outfits collection in Pubg mobile or their photos in your gallery? If you don’t have one, we have made the best photo collections of outfits for you from season 1 to the current season.

It is a fact you miss the old days Pubg mobile when the rewards and contents used to be different from now. The old outfits were more valuable at that time because the value of RP was too much. However, now every player upgrades elite pass because of the low price compared to the past. In the old days, the cost of ‘elite pass’ in Pubg mobile was 600 UC and 1800 UC for elite pass plus.

Nowadays, it cost 300 UC for an elite pass and 600 UC for ‘an elite pass plus.’ Furthermore, the max level of RP rank is 50, and in the past, it was 100. So, these changes reflect that the game has altered many features and contents to give a new gaming experience to the players. As a result, most players forget about the old outfits and other rewards in Pubg mobile. However, the memories are the best part of your life that you have to remember always. So, let’s go to the flashback and revise the past days(From season 1) outfits in Pubg mobile.

The collection of 100 RP-rank outfits in Pubg mobile from all season with photos

1. Season 2
Season 2 100 RP-rank outfit in Pubg mobile: royale Bunny suit and mask
royale bunny

The royale bunny is the oldest outfit in Pubg mobile that came in the first royale pass, season 2. It is a set made of two things- a royale bunny mask and a royale bunny suit.

2. Season 3
Hazard outfit in Pubg mobile: Royale pass outfit of season 3

The name of this outfit is Hazard and it came in the royale pass season 3. It is the most attractive and unique outfit in Pubg mobile.

3. Season 4
The mad bear set in pubg mobile: a Season 4 outfit
mad bear

The mad bear outfit set firstly came on the max RP season 4 in Pubg mobile. It looks like a dangerous hunter with a skin of a wolf over the body.

4. Season 5
Roaring dragon set : Season 5 Rp-rank outfit in Pubg mobile
Roaring dragon
Dragon hunter set: Season 5 Rp outfit in Pubg mobile
Dragon Hunter

In season 5, two types of the outfit came. They were the Roaring dragon set and Dragon hunter set. And the player chooses one among them in that time.

5. Season 6
The Brilliant anniversary: Pubg mobile first anniversary outfit set.
Brilliant anniversary outfit

On the first anniversary of the Pubg mobile, most players get the Brilliant anniversary outfit in RP-rank 100. It is a colorful and attractive outfit.

6. Season 7
Assault squad set in Pubg mobile: Season 7 outfit
Assault squad
Urban scavenger set: Season 7 outfit
Urban scavenger

In season 7, the game released two outfit sets with the name Assault squad set and Urban scavenger. And the players unlocked these two costumes from 100 RP rank.

7. Season 8
Bronze armor outfit of season 8 in Pubg mobile
Bronze armor

The name of the special outfit of season 8 is Bronze armor.

8. Season 9
Draconian champion: A outfit set of RP rank season 9 in Pubg mobile.
Draconian champion

The draconian champion set is the costume that came in the Pubg mobile 100 RP rank season 9.

9. Season 10
 Lava Bret outfit in Pubg mobile: Introduced in season 10
Lava Bret

The name of the outfit set of season 10 is Lava Bret. It looks like an undefeatable warrior.

10. Season 11
elite force outfit: Pubg mobile 100 RP rank season 11
elite force

Its name is elite force set, and it came in season 11.

11. Season 12
Hardened Veteran in Pubg mobile: RP rank 100 outfit season 12
Hardened Veteran
Phantom cat girl outfit in Pubg mobile: RP rank 100 outfit season 12
Phantom cat girl

In season 12(2nd anniversary), the PUBGM brought two outfits for 100 RP-rank, and their name is Hardened Veteran and Phantom cat girl.

12. Season 13
Nebula Hero set in Pubg mobile season 13
Nebula Hero set

Do you have Nebula Hero set in your inventory? It came on season 13.

13. Season 14
Avian Tyrant set in Pubg mobile season 14
Avian Tyrant set

The name of this outfit is Avian Tyrant set, and it looks like a hero with a wing of a bird.

14. Season 15
Samurai OPS character outfit: Pubg mobile 100 RP-rank mythic outfit in Season 15
Samurai OPS

In the Pubg mobile season 15(Beyond A.C.E), most players get an outstanding warrior outfit in RP 100, and its name is Samurai OPS.

15. Season 16
Knight terror: Pubg mobile season 16, 100 RP-rank outfit
Knight terror

The Knight terror outfit came on the metro royale season 16.

16. Season 17
season 17 100 RP-rank outfit in PUBGM: Guardian armor
Guardian armor

In the Runic power royale pass(season 17), the game brought Guardian armor set for the players.

17. Season 18
String Ensemble outfit in Pubg mobile: 100 RP-rank reward in season 18
String Ensemble

Its name is Hundred Rhythms and this costume(String Ensemble) came on the Pubg mobile 3rd anniversary(season 18) in 100 RP rank.

18. Season 19
General Beetle outfit is the 100 RP rank reward of Pubg mobile season 19
General Beetle outfit
The Insect  queen set: Pubg mobile 100 RP-rank season 19
The Insect queen set

In the Traverse royale pass, most players get General Beetle outfit. It especially suits the male characters. And on the same time, the Insect queen set became famous among the female characters in Pubg mobile.

19. Cycle 1 season: Month 1
Night Stalker: Cycle 1 season: Month 1 RP rank outfit
Night Stalker outfit

From the first cycle season, the max RP is only 50. So, at this time, the game introduced the Night Stalker outfit.

20. Cycle 1 season: month 2
The Marine Marauder: it is the outfit of Pubg mobile Cycle 1 season: month 2
The Marine Marauder

On cycle 1 season 1 month 2(Project T), the Marine Marauder become a popular costume among PUBGM players.

21. Cycle 2 season 2 month 3
Deep-fried set: Cycle 2 season 2 month 3 reward of Pubg mobile 100 RP-rank
Deep-fried set

On the chef special cycle 2 season 2 month 3, players get a Deep-fried set. He is an outstanding chef who can fight in the battleground.

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