All X-suits collection in Pubg mobile with Photos

All X-suits collection in Pubg mobile with Photos

In this article, you will see the collection of all X-suits that Pubg mobile has brought for the player. There are a total of 4 X suits in the game, and if you have one among them, you are already a hero between your squads and enemies.

X-suits are the most demanding outfits in Pubg mobile because of some unique quality and features. Firstly, these suits have attractive looks, and secondly, they are upgradable items.

However, the best thing about the X-suit is these dress doesn’t come from time to time. But whenever they arrive, only a few players unlock them because of the expensive cost. No doubt, to get an X-suit, you need at least 80K to 100K UC.

So, these suits are rare and expensive, and you know the rare and costly things have high value and appreciation. It does not make sense if you have all the dresses but no x-suit.

However, if you have a single X suit, your image, reputation, and brand will increase even though you don’t have other seasonal outfits in your inventory. Furthermore, X-suits can play the best role in getting more viewers to your PUBGM videos on YouTube.

List of all X-suits collection in Pubg mobile

1. Golden Pharaoh X-suit

Golden Pharaoh X-suit in Pubg Mobile

The Pharaoh X-suit was introduced on 4th August 2021, season 14, and it is the first x suit in Pubg mobile. It looks like the king of ancient Egypt. In that time, few players spent more than 80,000 UC to unlock Golden Pharaoh X-suit and upgrade it up to 6th level.

The best thing I like about its upgrade is the shock and awe feature and its final form. If you are an old player, only you would have this suit in your inventory.

2. Blood Raven X-suit

Blood Raven X-suit in Pubg mobile

The Blood Raven is the second X-suit in Pubg mobile introduced on 17th April 2021, season 18. Being a destroyer of evil, If the player equips this outfit, the player looks like a mysterious bird.

Few players unlocked and upgraded Blood raven X suit spending more than 70,000 UC in the spin. The victory broadcast, shock and awe, and final form are the best level of this outfit. It is the second rare X-suit after the Pharaoh in Pubg mobile.

3. Poseidon X-suit

Poseidon X-suit

The Poseidon is the third X suit- released on 20th August 2021, cycle 1 season 1. It looks like a king of the ocean. In that time, players spent more than 90,000UC to unlock the Poseidon X suit from the spin. Like other suits, it is upgradable up to the 6th level.

The best upgrade of this dress is victory broadcast, shock and awe, and final form. Furthermore, players got free emotes while trying the spin to get the X-suit.

4. Avalanche X-suit

Avalanche X-suit

The Avalanche is the latest X-suit that arrived on the 24th of December 2021, cycle 1, season 2. Being a lord of snow, it came in the winter season.

The Avalanche X-suit was available for Pubg Mobile and BGMI players until 1st January 2022. However, now, this outfit has become a history. Let’s hope again it will come in the game in the future.

5. Silvanus X-suit

Silvanus X-suit

Released on 15 April 2022(Cycle 1, Season 5), The Silvanus is the 5th X-suit in Pubg Mobile and BGMI. Players can obtain this x-suit from the Silvanus spin, which will long last for a few days, by spending UC and Silver Fragments. So, if you have enough UC, try the spin to Unlock the Silvanus X suit before it goes away.

In conclusion, among the collection of these all Pubg mobile X-suits, Golden Pharaoh is the most rare and attractive outfit of all time. However, it is all about opinion and choice- some players might like another suit.