How to make an observer in Minecraft, and what are its uses?

An observer is just like a piston and is used similarly in Minecraft. It observes the block that is placed against it and reacts accordingly.

An observer has two sides- the Redstone side and the texture side. It simply detects blocks state. The texture side is where you have to put the block against for the observer to react.

An observer can detect other observers, the age of crops, fire in the block, etc. So, here is how an observer looks from the back and the front.

observer in Minecraft

How to make an observer in Minecraft?

To make an observer, you require these materials- 6 cobblestones, 2 Redstone dust, and nether quartz.

In Minecraft, you can get Redstone dust by digging deep into the caves, and you can find nether quartz in the nether.

nether quartz in Minecraft

So, you can craft an observer in Minecraft by placing cobblestones, Redstones dust, and nether quartz on the crafting table like in the picture:

How to make an observer in Minecraft?

If you place a block against the observer, the blocks state changes, then the Redstone behind it will light up. You can also put Redstone behind it to notice the change. I put two observers in front of each other so you can see the Redstone lighting up.

What are the uses of observers?

Observers can be used in various things in the game- You can use them in different kinds of automatic farms.

(1) You can use two observers as a clock in the game. For that, you have to put two of them facing the same direction.

Let’s take an example:- You built a farm that stores some items, and you want the item to go one at a time, then you can use observers in Minecraft.

As you can see, the dispenser is throwing cactus one at a time.

(2) You can also use observers for decoration since they have man-looking faces.

observers for decoration in Minecraft

(3) You can also use observers to create farms for your crops, such as sugarcane farms using some pistons observers and hopper. As the sugarcane grows, the observer detects it and activates the piston breaking the sugarcane, which goes into the hopper.

(4) Observers can also be used for making traps. For example, if somebody tries to break your bed, you can blast them with TNT, or if someone tries to break into your house.

Using observer with TNT in Minecraft

(5) You can also use an observer to make elevators and flying machines in Minecraft and to make one follow the steps:

(Step 1): Build 3 blocks high cobblestone pillar and place your observer.

First step to make flying machine in Minecraft

(Step 2): Place a sticky piston in the observer’s backside.

|(Step 3): Place two slime blocks at the side and in the front of the piston.

(Step 4): Place an observer facing forward and a sticky piston facing backward, side by side to the slime blocks.

Once you break the pillar, the flying machine will work.

Flying machine in Minecraft: Use of observer