How to find more diamonds in Minecraft? Best Y point for mining

How to find more diamonds in Minecraft? Best Y point for mining

Diamonds mining is the most challenging and time-consuming task in Minecraft. Unlike other items, diamond doesn’t lie in an easy location- you have to go deeper into mountains and caves where the boiling lava flows everywhere. And you have to mine for hours without any guarantee of getting them. And in Minecraft 1.17, the diamond has become a more rare item. However, if you know the best Y coordinate and some tips, you can find diamonds quickly in Minecraft.

So today, we will analyze 10 photos of diamond mining locations in Minecraft with the Y-axis point to know the best location to get them.

Best way to find diamonds in Minecraft

  • Diamonds are located near the lava lakes below Y 16. (press F3)
  • Do mining in the deep caves and mountains.
  • Use an enchanted diamond pickaxe for mining to increase the chance of finding. (It’s my experience and assumption)
  • In the side of each lava lakes and under it, you will get minimum 10 diamonds, so mine systematically and carefully.

Have a look at all pictures:

The photo of diamond in Minecraft. The diamonds are located in the Y 10

In fig (I), you can see the diamonds near the lava lake and I find them in Y 10 without removing any other blocks.

It means, while you reach near the lava lakes, look at all sides carefully. If you are lucky, you can get it without effort.


In fig(II), the diamonds are in Y=6. But, to find them I removed five layers of cobblestones on all sides of the lava lake, and again I removed four down layers. Finally, I got ‘5 diamond blocks’ Minecraft.

How to find more diamonds in Minecraft? Best Y point for mining

In fig(III), there are eight blocks of diamonds in the Y-axis 11. To find them, I mined seven layers of other blocks on all sides of the lava pond.


If you see dirt or gravel below Y16 near lava, then remove them all carefully. In fig(IV), I found diamonds after I remove all dirt blocks. But if you don’t get anything after removing, then mine some layers behind the dirt and gravel.

How to find more diamonds in Minecraft? Best Y point for mining

In fig (V), you can see the diamonds lies in the Y 10 coordinate just near the lava lake in Minecraft.


In fig (VI), the diamonds blocks are located just under the Lava lake in Y 9 in Minecraft. In most cases, you can find them under the boiling lava. Therefore, firstly clear all the lava by putting gravel blocks on it. Then start mining under it. But beware, the lava is everywhere, so do mining by listing its sound. (Note: don’t throw water on lava or cover the lave with cobblestones or other. Only use the gravel blocks to clear deep lava lakes in Minecraft)


There are 7 diamonds in fig (VII) that I get on the Y 13 axis. And I am standing in the 5th block after the lava lake.

Remove the dirt and gravel near the flowing lava to mine more diamonds in Minecraft.

Again, I found diamonds near the lava fall in Y 12 in Minecraft. But they were behind the dirt blocks. So, again I am repeating, remove all dirt or gravel that you see below the Y 16.


Here at fig (IX), I started mining from the Y 14 and removed 8 blocks from all sides of lave lake. But I don’t find anything. So, again I went 4 levels deeper on all sides and found 8 diamonds.

Most of the diamond lies in the Y axis 12 to 8 in Minecraft.

In fig(X), I got a diamond in the Y 11 coordinate near the lava lake without much struggle.

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In conclusion

To mine more diamonds in Minecraft, firstly find a big cave and go deeper until you reach Y level 15. From that point, the diamonds will start to appear.

But after analyzing the pictures in this article and from my personal experience, the best Y coordinate to find more diamonds is between 12 to 8.

The best way to find more diamonds in Minecraft game.
  • When you see the boiling lava lake, remove ‘8 blocks layers’ on each side. Only expand your mining range if you don’t get anything there.
  • Firstly, mine in the Y level 12 to 8 on the side of the lake. If you don’t find diamond in that range, go deeper carefully.
  • Most of the time, a lava lake spawns below the current lava lake. So, go deeper carefully and mine there like you did above. (Firstly remove’ 8 blocks’ layer of all sides)
  • Don’t forget to remove all dirt and gravel blocks near and under lava lakes to get more diamonds.
  • Put gravel in the lava lake to remove lava and start mining on it. In most cases, diamonds lies under the lakes. So, ‘only use gravel’ and don’t use water or other blocks.


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