How to make an Iron farm in Minecraft to produce sufficient irons?

How to make an Iron farm in Minecraft?

The Minecraft land is full of precious resources that the player can mine for crafting and survival. Among all, iron is also the most necessary item in the game. The player can get iron from the mining, but it is time-consuming and risky. Therefore, the Minecraft player makes an iron farm near their shelter to produce sufficient iron without hard work.

But, it’s a tricky task to build an iron farm, so let’s make it easier today.

Before that, you must know what is required to make an iron farm. So, to start iron golem farming in Minecraft, you must have these things:

  • Smooth stone
  • Glasses
  • Stone bricks
  • Signboard
  • Hopper
  • Chest
  • Villagers
  • Lava
  • Water
  • Minecart and button
  • Power rail

Follow these steps to build an iron farm in Minecraft(With Pictures)

Step 1:

Firstly, search for an open area near your house to create an iron farm.

Open area to make an iron farm
Step 2:

In that open area, make a ‘pillar’ using 8 smooth stones. After that, make a roof of smooth stone of 5X5 size on the top of the pillar.

Make a pillar
Step 3:

On the first roof, place 5 beds like shown in the picture. And make a wall of one layer by using smooth stone to cover the beds.

Put 5 beds on the roof
Make wall
Step 4:

After that, make a boundary above the smooth stone wall that you made in the 3rd step. You should make the boundary of 2 layers by using glasses.

Tutorial for making iron farm in minecraft
Make boundary of glass
Step 5:

So till now, you have built a room with 5 beds on top of the pillar.
Now, you have to put 5 villagers inside the room.

For that, you have to make a stairs path to bring the villager to the top. And to make stairs, it requires a power rail and a minecart.

Tutorial for building iron farm
Make a ladder for villagers
Step 6:

After capturing all the villagers in the bedroom, cover the room(another floor) using a smooth stone-like in the picture.

Tutorial for iron golem farming
Step 7:

Now place one chest and 3 hoppers on the top floor of your iron farm (step 6 picture0. Because after the farm becomes ready for iron production, the hopper collects the iron and chest stores them automatically.

Step 8:

After you connect the chest and hopper correctly, make 3 layers of the wall on all sides using stone brick walls. Make a room without a roof as shown in the Picture:

How to make iron farm in Minecraft?
Make a room
Step 9:

It’s time to use the signboard and the lava in the Minecraft iron farm.

After you complete all 8 steps again, you have to paste 4 signboards on the stone brick walls. And place lava in the room.

Paste the signboard on the walls
Put lava
Step 10:

After you place the signboard and lava in the room, finally pour 1 bucket of water inside the room. Shown in the picture:

Photo of iron golem farm in Minecraft

Now you have successfully made an iron golem farm for making enough irons in Minecraft.

The iron farm will automatically spawn a golem. And the golem will die and convert in the iron after some time.

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