How to win every last circle in Pubg mobile? 5 best strategies

win last circle in Pubg mobile

In Pubg mobile matches, players perform best in the battleground, but they fail to win the last circle.

During the match’s starting time, there is sufficient space to fight and survive against enemies.

But in every minute, the play area becomes smaller and smaller. Finally, all the ‘survived players’ come nearer to each other without any other option.

As a result, the Pubg match becomes very competitive in the final zone- even a pro player finds it difficult. Therefore, here are the top tips for surviving the last zone of Pubg mobile matches.

5 best strategies to win every match in the last circle in Pubg mobile

Use solid cover
How to win every last circle in Pubg mobile? 5 best strategies
Use solid cover

In the final zone of Pubgm matches, there is less chance of getting ‘suitable covers’ like buildings, and rocks. And it’s your good luck if you find such covers in that situation.

But, if there is a lack of solid hiding places, you have to search for an alternative. For example, there you will get bushes and trees with a high chance of. So hide there and wait for your enemy patiently.

After a long struggle, you reached the last zone, so don’t make the mistake of taking a rush on your enemy. Just wait for the enemy secretly until they don’t give you a signal or come out in the open area.

Use a smoke grenade properly.

The smoke grenade is the most effective weapon to survive in the last zone. If you don’t find any cover to hide, the smoke grenade will keep you safe.

You can use the grenade to make a cover in an open area to revive your teammate. It creates a smoke effect. So even if your enemy detects you, their mind will divert by the ‘effect’ of a smoke bomb.

Therefore, you should pick up at least 4 smoke grenades to throw them in the final zone to win the match.

Make a cover line with the vehicle.

Making a cover line with the vehicle is the best strategy to survive in the last zone of the match.

But, this plan does not always work for you- because, in the final circle, it’s hard to find a vehicle.

However, if you have any vehicle during the last circle, you have to blast it to make a perfect cover line.

Throw flag grenade and Molotov cocktail

There is the best advantage of using flag grenades and Molotov cocktails in the Pubg final zone because this weapon has a special ability- it doesn’t give any provocation signal to the enemy as other guns.-No one can notice from where it is thrown.

So, pick up at least 3 frag grenades and 2 Molotov cocktails to use them to win Pubg mobile’s last circle.

How to win every last circle in Pubg mobile? 5 best strategies

(I) Don’t run in the open circle in the last zone. But instead, stay on the edge of the circle.

(II) Don’t fire on the enemy without perfect aim. Because if you miss the bullet, others will detect you and game over.

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