Rush or camping in Pubg mobile? Which is the best gameplay?

Rush or camping? Which is the best gameplay in Pubg mobile?

Every Pubg mobile players have a unique playing style and technique. Some prefer to rock the battleground by taking risks whereas others is a silent killer. So, what type of player are you? Do you like rush gameplay or going camping in the Pubg mobile matches?

What do camping and rush gameplay mean?

Rush or camping in Pubg mobile? Which is the best gameplay?
camping and rush gameplay

In simple words, camping is when you wait for the enemy secretly. And rush means when you follow the enemy openly for killing them.

The Pubg mobile campers choose a safe location and make plans and strategies to survive longer. They will not go in front of their enemy and will not fire bullets until they don’t get the perfect situation.

However, Pubg mobile rusher has a different concept- they don’t hide from their enemy. Also, they don’t fear going into the enemy’s location to challenge them.

The rush player doesn’t take the risk without knowledge, but they know everything about the match and enemies.

But, here is the question is rush gameplay better than camping? Or, camper are more intelligent- Let’s discuss

What should you do camping or rush in Pubg mobile matches?

First of all, I want to say it depends on the situation and needs. I already mentioned rushers in Pubg mobile search for the enemy and the camper hide from them.

The camper play matches secretly, and they can survive longer in the battleground. An aggressive rusher doesn’t care about the risk and go hunting- But it depends if the rusher ‘survives’ longer or not. So, which style do you think is best?

If you want to increase your KD ratio in Pubg mobile, then rush gameplay is best because your enemy will not come to you for asking for some bullets for their head.

Rush is like going fishing in the river- But only you will get more fish (Kills) if you have the required equipment- Aiming and fighting skills, best squad.

But, if you want to push your rank, then camping and strategies work. Moreover, playing camping in a safe location is the best idea to increase the tier- The dying chance is low because you don’t let your enemy detect as much as you can.

Some benefits of rush play in Pubg mobile are;
Rush or camping in Pubg mobile? Which is the best gameplay?
rush gameplay
  • It’s the best playing style to get more kills if you are a pro.
  • The rusher gets full of fun during the match. Because they don’t stay in one place like a crocodile, but they search for spray like a tiger.
  • Rush gameplay also boosts confidence and makes the player perfect gradually.

But the only drawback of playing rush is there is no certainty you will survive long if you are not a pro.

Some benefits of camping in Pubg mobile are;
Rush or camping in Pubg mobile? Which is the best gameplay?
camping in Pubg mobile
  • The camping will help you survive longer, so you can increase rank points quickly in Pubg.
  • Better to make strategies and plan to get another goal during the match- Chicken dinner and loot.

But the drawback of camping in pubg mobile is your skill will be constant even after a long time. Also, you will not get kills as you need.

In conclusion

After considering all about both gaming styles, rush gameplay is better than camping in Pubg mobile.

The rusher is more active and skilled than the camper because their risk-taking habit makes them so.

And it’s no big deal for the rusher to maintain their Kd ratio.
If we talk about pushing the rank, I said camper is best for that, but I didn’t say rusher is worst.

Yes, the rush player also can increase their rank quickly.
Do you think rusher who can easily survive during the rush can’t increase their tier?

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