Hardest titles achievement in Pubg mobile: 7 titles uneasy to achieve

Hardest titles achievement in Pubg mobile: 7 titles uneasy to achieve

Do you think achieving titles achievement in the Pubg mobile is the hardest task?

Every feature in the Pubg mobile is full of fun for the players. Some of the features and achievements give a different reward.

Whereas others increase the value of players if they get it. Among all the features, the ‘title’ is one of them. The title boosts the reputation of the players.

There are many titles in the Pubg that players can unlock to show themself skilled than others. However, among all, some are easy to get even noob can get them effortlessly.

But there are some titles in Pubg mobile that require hard work, luck, and skills that pros also find difficult to achieve. So, let’s talk about the most challenging titles in Pubg mobile.

7 Titles in Pubg mobile that is the hardest achievement

Free chicken dinner(Pacifist)

Every player goes to the battleground to get something- The highest kills, more loot, and KD.
But the chicken dinner title says no.

The player is given an objective- “win the match without a kill”. And Don’t you think it’s hard to do so? How long will you hide from your enemy on the battleground?

But, you have to, you have to maintain peace during the match, that is how you will get the title.
Yes, the Pacifict is the most difficult to achieve in Pubg mobile because you should become a good guy in hell(Battleground).

On mission

The ‘on mission’ is another title you will not get quickly. The title is all about more and more kills, so you can’t unlock it until you don’t become a pro player.

There are 6 missions you need to complete for the title.
And in total, you have to get more than 3500 kills in the classic matches as solo players.

Most of the player takes more than a year to get ‘on mission title’ in Pubg mobile. Till now, only the pro player with the best fighting skills has decorated their ID with this title.

Chicken master

On the Pubg mobile, few players have achieved this title. Because one must complete some hard missions to get a chicken master. You have to use different types of weapons, vehicles, and throwable to deal the final blow and win the match.

Also, are you at least in the platinum tier? If yes, then you are eligible to get the chicken master. But in one deal- You must have proper skill to use all the weapons and vehicles.

Weapon master

The weapon master the most valuable achievement among all titles in Pubg mobile, but it is not easy to unlock. You should be on the platinum or above tier. And you are given 6 missions that you should complete on a single classic match- Solo mode.

The missions are ‘ you have to get 1-1 kills using different required category weapons and 1 kill with the vehicle.’
So, sometimes even the Pro player finds it a complex task to achieve weapon mastery.


Can you imagine winning a classic match without using the necessary gadgets? But you have to.
Because to unlock the commando title in Pubg mobile, you should win 50 classic matches in solo mode.

And the title is considered tough because you have to complete the task for the commando without using a vest, helmet, and backpack.


Can you give a headshot without missing bullets? ‘Kill 3 enemies from a 50-meter distance by headshot without missing a bullet, it’s an objective you must complete to get a sharpshooter.

If the player is not well trained and doesn’t have better aiming skills, then it’s difficult to achieve the title. And you should be on the platinum tier or above it.

Perseverance and perfectionist

Whether you call it hard or easy, in my viewpoint, the perseverance and perfectionist title is hard to get.
Because you must wait for a year to get the titles-
You should upgrade your elite pass for 4 months in a row(8 months).
Furthermore, you need to upgrade the elite pass for 6 seasons in a row to unlock the perfectionist title(12 months).

And if you miss any one of the season’s elite passes, you have to wait again. A lengthy process, right? That’s why I call it hard to achieve-Time consuming.

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