DJ Alok and Notora character in Garena Free fire: Who has more power?

DJ Alok VS Notora character Photo

The most famous online battle royale game, Garena free fire, has many characters with unique talents and personalities. Every character performs a different role on the battleground. But in this topic, we will compare DJ Alok and Notora character in Garena Free fire: Who has more power?

Who is the best character DJ Alok vs Notora on Free fire?

Dj Alok

Alok means light. And using his power of music, he left Brazil and travelled the world. Dj Alok is a male character born on August 26, and he is 26 now.

The Alok is known for his musical power, and he does extraordinary tasks in the Free fire battleground.

His abilities can be upgraded up to level 6. And in every level-up, his power increases to smash the enemies. So, collect more and more Dj Alok memories to boost his ability.

In the 1st level, he creates a 5m aura that increases the moving and running speed by 10%. And he restores 5HP for 5 seconds.

In level 2, the aura power increases by 11%, and 5HP restore for 6 seconds. Similarly, the moving and sprinting speed was boosted by 12%, and restore 5HP for 7 seconds in the 3 levels.

In level 4, the Dj Alok restore 5HP for 8 seconds and increase the aura ability by 13%.

DJ Alok’s level 5 restores the same HP for 9 seconds. And the movement ability goes up by 14%.
In the final level, the aura talent of Alok raises by 15%, and HP restores for 10 seconds.

Power ^
HP restore for
1+10%5 Seconds
2+ 11%6 Seconds
3+ 12%7 Seconds
4+ 13%8 Seconds
5+ 14%9 Seconds
6+ 15%10 Seconds


The Notora has a different ability personality and ability than Alok in Garena free fire.
Notora is a lady character of Free fire who was born on March 22. She is 27 years old.

As per the story, she is a motorbike racer. Once the gunfight occurred between her team and enemies. Her all members died in the battle, and she was captured. But she avoided death and was sent to the Free Fire battleground.

Likewise, an Alok character Notora gets more strength in every level-up. And you can increase her level up to 6. To boost her power, collect more and more memory fragments of her.

As she is a rider, so-
In level 1, Nostra help all members inside the vehicle by giving 5HP every 4.5 seconds.

She restores 5 HP of her team on the vehicle every 4 seconds on her 2nd level.
Similarly, in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th levels, her ability goes up. And she restores 5HP of the member on a vehicle every 3.5, 3, 2.5, and 2 seconds, respectively.

LevelHP restores
in every
14.5 seconds
24 seconds
33.5 seconds
43 seconds
52.5 seconds
62 seconds
In conclusion

Both Alok and Notora have the somewhat same ability. However, the aura power gives the Alok plus point.

Notora doesn’t increase the moving and sprinting speed as Alok does. Furthermore, the ability of the Nostra is only helpful when you are inside the vehicle.
Otherwise, she will do nothing for you, only she is the queen of vehicles.
But, Dj Alok’s power works everywhere.

So, who do you think is best among the two-character Alok or, Notora? Obviously, DJ Alok is a more powerful character than Notora in Free fire.

But all the player has a different choice. The article is for information, not for changing your decision. Choose what gives you more comfort.

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