How to unlock emotes in a free fire game? 4 best tips

emotes in free fire.

Let’s know the ways to unlock free fire emotes.

The Garena free fire is the most popular online game. And the reason is the game gives real-world experience to the players by providing varieties of weapon choice, maps and other items. Also, the free fire game has different types of skins and emotes that has increased the fun.

Emotes is the best part of the game that gives a unique style and a better gaming experience to the free fire players. And you can take 6 emotes with a different presentation for the matches.

And in this blog, we will discuss the ideas of getting more emotes in the Garena free fire.
However, before starting, let’s know some popular emotes in the game.

Top DJWiggle walk
KongfuMoon flip
Death glareShake with me
Party DanceDangerous Game
Shake it upBaby shark
FFWC ThroneSelfie
Pirate’s flagI’m rich
Name of emotes in Free fire

Among all those emotes, some require diamonds to purchase, and some can be unlocked for free.

4 Best tips to unlock Garena free fire emotes

Elite pass method
unlock emotes in a free fire game
Elite pass method.

From the elite pass method, you will get emotes in every new season. But a free elite pass doesn’t give any emotes as a reward.

It is also a costly method to unlock emotes. There are two options of the elite pass;

  • Elite pass = 499 diamonds
  • Elite Bandle = 999 diamonds ( You will get extra rewards, including emotes for it.)

So if you have sufficient diamonds, I suggest you upgrade the elite pass costing 499 diamonds because it’s enough to get emotes in the free fire.

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Rank tokens
get emotes in a free fire game
Rank tokens.

It is the best source to unlock emotes, called ‘selfie emote’ for free. The price of a selfie emotes cost 6000 rank token. It means it doesn’t cost any diamonds to purchase it just you need 6000 rank tokens.

And to get more rank token;

  • Increase your rank: Upgrade your tier in the current session and collect rewards in the next season.
  • Play enough ranked matches to get more rank tokens for getting free fire emotes for free.

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Purchase with diamonds
unlock emotes in a free fire game
Purchase with diamonds.

You can purchase a lot of emotes with diamonds. The cost of emotes ranges from 300 to 600 diamonds.

  • Go shopping
  • Go to collection and tap on emotes option
  • Purchase as much as you can.

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Complete the events
Complete the events.

Free fire introduces different events on some occasions. And those special events are the best option to get more emotes in the free fire for free. Only you have to complete the event mission, and you don’t have to spend diamonds.

Alternatively, you can also top up events. It’s an expensive way, but you will get emotes and other rewards in every top-up. For example,
Top up 300 diamonds.
Top up 500 diamonds.

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