How can you push rank for grandmaster on solo in the free fire? 7 tips.

How can you push rank for grandmaster on solo in the free fire?

This blog is come up with 7 tips to push rank for the grandmaster tier as a solo in the free fire.

In the Garena free fire game, you can play matches with the squad, partner and solo.

So, in the squad, you have to play with four team members. And in the duo, you will play with your best friend or, partner.
But, in the solo mode, you have to go to the battleground alone. And due to the lack of the best teammate most player wants to increase their rank as a solo.

Booyah in free fire

It’s easy to push rank with the squad or partner, but playing solo can be challenging for you.

But, here are the tips to increase rank to go on the grandmaster tier in a solo mode.

You can push rank as a solo for grandmaster tier in the free-fire by using these 7 tips.

  1. Use bone fire and scanner
  2. Stay at the end of the safe zone.
  3. Suppressor is important
  4. Get on vehicle
  5. Gloo walls!
  6. Camp on the top place
  7. Timing

Use a bonfire and scanner

There are different loadout options in the free fire, summon airdrop, supply crate, resupply map, bounty token, armour crate, lag pockets, bonfire and scan. But among them, you should select bonfire and scan for the match.

Because in the solo mode there will be no one to revive. Therefore, the bonfire will help you to recover your health in an emergency.
Furthermore, the scanner will help you know how many enemies will land with you on the battleground.

So, using bonfire and scan can help you to reach the grandmaster tire in solo mode.

Stay at the end of the safe zone.

If you are in the centre of the zone, you will encounter many enemies. So, you should play from the ‘end of the safe zone. Because at that point there is less chance you will get detected by your enemies. Also, it will help to increase your survival points.

Suppressor is important

The suppressor is the attachment of the weapons in the free fire. It helps to hide your firing location from the map. As a result, you can join the third party without a signal to kill your enemies stealthy. So, using suppressor, you get the highest kill to push rank in the grandmaster tier as solo quickly.

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Get on vehicle

It will be hard for you to survive in the battleground for a long time, in solo mode. So, you should use the best vehicles. And I suggest you use a Lamborghini car because it gives full cover from the enemy’s bullet. Also, it has more health capacity. Moreover, the Lamborghini car is best to use in the last circle. So the best use of a free fire vehicle can help you to get a grandmaster title.

Gloo walls!

. In solo mode, you need more cover to survive to form your enemies. So, the longer you survive in the battleground, the more points you will get to reach the grandmaster rank. Therefore, I suggest you should pick enough Gloo walls in every match. Because the equipment helps to make a wall to survive from the bullets.

Camp on the top place

There are many places for camping in the Garena free fire game. But, among them, the top place is like, towers are the best place for camping. If you do camping in a higher area, you will get the benefit. Firstly, you can use scopes accurately from the top. Secondly, help you to get cover.


In the free-fire solo matches, you should wait for the perfect time.

For example;
While two parties are fighting each other, you should not take a rush without ending their fight.
Again, if you are in the full coverage area and your enemy is in front of you, you should fire at the perfect time.
You should not fight on the last circle, wait for the best time to attack.
It will be easy for you to easily push your rank for grandmaster tier solo in free-fire game if you make time strategies.

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