Best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free fire- Top 10 of all time

Best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free fire- Top 10 of all time

The diamond royale bundles in Free fire are precious items because players should spend diamonds to unlock them. But, you know, not every player is interested in buying and spending diamonds only to get the bundles.

One thing is true, whether the player spends diamonds or not, they always have a dream to have these valuable bundles. Right? Yes, a single best diamond bundle in FF is enough to pull everyone’s eye toward you.

So, here you will see the collection of the best diamond royale costumes in Free fire, and if you have anyone among them, you are already a matter of talk for someone.

Top 10 Best Free Fire diamond royale bundles 

1. Arctic blue bundle

Best Free Fire diamond royale bundle

If you ask which is the best diamond royale bundle in Free fire, then my answer is Arctic blue bundle which is the first on our list. It is a no.1 bundle with an Amazing look and design. This grand costume came in October 2019 in diamond royale.

So, from the past to the present, the blue bundle remains popular among the players. Its suit, pants, shoes, and mask- all are perfect.

2. Top Gamer bundle

Top Gamer bundle: Best Free Fire diamond royale

The Top gamer bundle is the most popular diamond royale bundle because of its Glorious design. This bundle is for the true FF lover, and when it was released, most of the players unlocked it from the spin. The best thing about the Top gamer costume is its gorgeous goggles.

3. Joker bundle

Free Fire Joker bundle

The Joker bundle is one of the most dashing but scary bundles, and also it is known as the rare legendary diamond royale costume in Free fire.

The joker dress is enough to attract friends and scare the enemies in the game. It came in September 2018. So, if you are an old FF player, you might have this legendary dress.

4. Vampire bundle

Vampire bundle: Best Free Fire diamond royale

Wearing a vampire bundle is enough to dominate your opponent before going to the battle. The name itself says about its appearance- it looks like a bloodsucker Dracula who doesn’t forgive anyone.

It is one of the deluxe costumes that came in September 2019. So, you are a lucky player if you have a vampire bundle because it is also known as the rarest diamond royale bundle in Free fire.

5. Bandit bundle

Free Fire Bandit bundle

The bandit bundle is one of the cool-looking and stylish costumes in Free fire that came in April 2019 as a diamond royale spin reward. This bundle gives a feeling of being a young, energetic warrior of the battleground. So, it is your pleasure to have this bundle because only a few players have it.

6. Electric shock bundle

Free Fire Electric shock bundle

The electric shock bundle came in July 2019 with another bundle wildfire. These two grand-looking bundles were the rewards of the diamond royale spin.

The best thing about these costumes is that the electric shock bundle best suits male characters, and the wildfire bundle is best for females. So, if you have anyone among these two, you rock because the electric shock and wildfire bundles are rare diamond bundles in FF.

7. Skull lord bundle

Free Fire Skull lord bundle

The skull lord, another best spooky diamond royale costume is on our list. You can look at its design, how scary it is. This bundle arrived in October 2019 in the diamond spin, and still, the players want to have this skull lord to show off in the lobby.

8. Bunny warrior Bundle

Free Fire Bunny warrior Bundle

The bunny warrior is the unique diamond royale bundle in the history of Free fire, which every player wants to have. It came in October 2019, but still, it is valuable in the current era.

This costume looks like an unforgiving rabbit who can beat any solder in the battleground. So, if you have a bunny warrior bundle, you are a lucky player.

9. Judgment iron face bundle

Free Fire Judgment iron face bundle

The judgment iron face bundle is one of the best Diamond legendary bundles introduced in February 2021 as a diamond royale reward. The heroic suit and dreadful iron mask are the best part that makes the players superior to others. If you wear the iron mask bundle in the lobby, you will feel like you are a spooky punisher of the battleground. So, you can look at it, how awesome it is.

10. LC commander Bundle

Free Fire LC commander Bundle

You might remember or might have seen some players with LC commander bundles in the lobby. Its hat and suit are the best part that makes it one of the best-looking diamond royale costumes in Free fire.

The LC commander bundle came in May 2020, and at that time, the craze of this bundle was too high. But, because of its Super appearance, it is still a favorite among the players.