How to get AK-blue flame Draco skin in Free fire?

AK-blue flame Draco skin in Free fire

The Garena Free fire brought the new evolution gun(AK-Blue flame Draco skin) in the Faded wheel spin luck royale. So, let’s know all about it and how to get it.

About AK-blue Flame Draco

The blue flame is an upgradable Evo gun in Free fire. The players can upgrade this weapon using a dragon scale AK47.

The main feature of AK-blue skin is it becomes most powerful if you upgrade it to the max level. And at each level, its ability increases.

(I) On level 1 of the AK gun skin, it gets a new attractive look.

 AK-blue Flame in Free fire

(II) If you upgrade the Blue Draco to level 2, you will get an exclusive legendary Emote. The emote obtained from this Evo gun is has the best style.

AK-blue flame Draco emote in Free fire

(III) On level 3, it produces a unique kill effect. Whenever you kill your enemy with AK flame skin, its bullet creates a special effect.

Kill effect AK-blue flame Draco

(IV) On level 4, the Flame Draco creates a unique hit effect upon your enemy.

Hit effect in How to get AK-blue flame Draco skin in Free fire

(V) level 5 of this Evo gun creates a firing effect. Whenever you kill the enemy from this skin, it shows attractive animation.

(VI) The other best thing about the Blue flame AK skin is it gives kill announcement on its 6 levels.

Kill message:  AK skin level 6

If you knock or kill your enemy on any mode CS, the AK skin gives ‘a kill message’ to all players in the Free fire battleground.

(VII) On level 7, you will get some special abilities like an increase in damage, rate of fire, and movement speed.

(VIII) You can upgrade the AK-Blue flame Draco skin up to max level 8 in Free fire. In the final level, it gives extra damage while firing at the Gloo wall. So, it’s awesome.

 AK-blue Flame Draco level 8 in Free fire

How to unlock AK-Blue Flame Draco skin in Free fire

|Step 1: Go to Luck royale
Step 2: Go to Faded wheel
|Step 3: Remove any two items to increase the chance of getting AK skin in Free fire.
Step 4: Try the first spin for 0 diamond.

The rewards are random from the Faded wheel luck royale.

Cost of Faded wheel spin in Free fire

Spin timeDiamonds
1 0

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