Free Fire Mystery Shop event:- Get a High discount on Rare items.

Free Fire Mystery Shop event:- Get a High discount on Rare items.

On the 25th of December(Christmas Day), Free fire has again brought a Mystery shop event to sell rare items at a high discount. So, let’s know more about it.

List of Mystery shop rewards

From the shop, you can buy the best items spending fewer diamonds. The rewards of this FF Christmas day Mystery shop events are;
(i) Frosty shawty bundle
(ii) Elite pass Voucher
(iii) Predatory cobra token bar

(iv) Skyler
(v) Skyler superstar bundle
(vi) Lalco
(vii) Pet skin: Hellfire Falco

(viii) The victor emote
(ix) Reindeer backpack
(x) Winterlands fory sledge
(xi) Santa’s choice grenade

Mystery shop rewards in FF

(xii) weapon royale voucher
(xiii) Pan-Winterlands 2020
(xiv) palace of poker badge

As you know, these all the rewards in the event shop are rare items, and if you are thinking to purchase them after the event, you will get an expensive offer, or they will be unavailable.

You can see Shawty bundle, Elite pass voucher, Skyler, Falco, CSR7 emote are the best and expensive items in Free fire, and these are now available in Mystery shop at cheap prices.

How to get a discount from Mystery shop event in Free fire

In the shop, you will see rewards with a high price, but if you get the best discount, you can get them with fewer diamonds.

For example, the cost of the elite pass is 499 diamonds, but if you get an 84% discount on this Mystery shop event, you can buy it for only 79 diamonds.

Mystery shop event in Free fire

So, here are the steps:
Step 1:- Tap on mystery shop- Right top of your screen
|Step 2:- Tap ‘try your luck’
Step 3:- Now, tap on the stop, and if you get a high discount, don’t miss that golden chance.

How to purchase a male frosty shawty bundle?

You will see only the female bundle of Shawty. But, you can switch to male with 10 diamonds-Just the left sides of the mystery shop interface.

What is the use of the Elite pass card in Free fire?

The elite pass card is a token\voucher that you can use for upgrading the elite pass for free in Free fire.

What is Pet skin: hellfire Falco?

It is the skin of Falco pet in Free fire. But to use it, you have to unlock the Falco pet first.