Rearest emotes in Free fire: Top 10 collection

Rearest emotes in Free fire: Top 10 collection

Do you know about the rear emotes in the Garena free fire?

Every Free fire player wants to collect the valuable items in their inventory to prove themselves better and a die-hard fan of the game.

But there is some FF rear emotes unlocked by either diamond-spending players or the oldest players. So, if you have already used these emotes in the lobby and gameplay, you are a real player.

Top 10 rearest emotes in the Free fire.

1. Pirates flag

The pirate flag emote was introduced in the pirate top-up event. The appearance of this emote is attractive- If you use the pirate flag, your character will stand grabbing the flag with flame. Few players top-up 500 diamonds to unlock pirate flag emote and bag as a reward in that time, and now it’s rear.

2. Doggie

Doggie emote in Free fire: Rearest emote

The Doggie is the epic emote that came in the Free fire emote party event. Players unlocked the Doggie emote from the ‘draw’ by spending 19 diamonds for a single draw and 199 diamonds for a super ‘draw.’

The best thing is if you use this emote, you get Shiva pet and lovely doggie dancing with you. However, nowadays, Doggie is known as the rearest emote in Free fire.

3. Rose emote

Rose emote(Flower of love) in Free fire

Another name of the ‘rose emote’ is ‘flower of love, and it came during the valentine in Free fire top-up event. The ‘rose’ is the most impressive rear emote in Free fire that you can use for impressing others. In that time, few players top-up 500 diamonds to get it as a reward.

4. Push up emote

Push up emote in free fire: Rearest emote

Do push up everywhere, anywhere using the push-up emote. This emote came in season 9, and the player got it as an elite pass reward. By using the stunts of this emote, you can show you are an energetic player. Nowadays, push-up emotes have become Free Fire’s rearest emote.

5. Chicken emote

Chicken emote in Free fire

The Chicken Emote is also the Free fire rear emote that arrived in the gold elite pass season 7. And it is famous for its chicken dance steps- Funny, but it’s best to troll another player in the gameplay and lobby.

6. I’m Saitama

6. I'm Saitama emote in Free fire

The I’m Saitama emote came during the punch man collaboration in Free Fire in the lucky royale. But you know the lucky royale spin supports only the player having good luck.

Therefore, in that time, only some players successfully unlocked the ‘i am Saitama emote.’ But currently, it’s the rearest emote.

7. Cobra dance emote and Predator pulse.

Predator pulse emote in Free fire

It is the exclusive emote of a legendary cobra outfit in Free fie. The cobra dance emotes dance in the squad makes a player unique from others.

The player had to unlock the cobra bundle to get the cobra dance emote. Also, another exclusive reward of the cobra bundle was predator pulse that is also a rear emote.

8. Dragon fist

Dragon fist emote in Free fire

In the season 11 elite pass, the Free fire brought Dragon fist to emote. The Dragon fist has hulk style- Jump up and hit the ground with force.

The player can use the dragon fist to tell others he is a powerful and energetic player. Nowadays, the dragon fist is not available in the Free fire store like other emotes, so it’s greatest.

9. Shoot dance

Shoot dance emote in Free fire

Have you heard about ‘shoot dance’? If you haven’t, then the player having Shoot dance knows. It’s a dancing emote that you can use for trolling your enemy. The shoot dance emotes firstly came in the season 8 as elite pass. reward.

10. Mummy dance

The mommy dance is a dancing emote in FF that becomes rare later. It came in the season 10 elite pass. So, nowadays, the player having the mommy dance emote uses it to troll tier opponents in the lobby and gameplay.

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