How to kill more enemies in Free fire?

How to kill more enemies in Free fire?

Free fire is a battleground game that is all about- go to battle with a team or alone- Kill more enemies and end the match with booyah.

After all preparation, every player land on the battleground to improve their statistics by getting more kills. So, it is the reason the match becomes more competitive.

If you have been playing Free fire for months, you might know all about KD, rank, tier, whatever. So, you know, the more KD and rank represent, the more player is pro.

But, increasing these statistics is only possible if you end the match with more kills and survival times which is a difficult task.

Therefore, I will give you some useful tips that you can use in 2022 to get kills between 10-15 in every single Free fire match. So, let’s come to the point.

Top 5 best tips to kill more enemies in Free fire

1. Play 1VS4 rather than 4VS4

The truth is- playing with the squad is your best choice if you want to push rank, but if you wish to get the highest number of kills in FF, you should ignore the 4VS4 match, and you should play more 1VS4 mode instead.

Here this happens, in the squad VS squad mode, teammates try to steal the kill and loot for their self-advantage. So, you might win the match but without kills.

2. Learn to use the weapons accordingly

Guns matter most while you are on the mission of killing more enemies in one match of Free fire. Therefore, you must have good knowledge of weapons and other equipment. So, use AR and sniper for long-range, and for short-range, use SMG and shotguns.

Again, if you want to know more than listen, to get high kills in FF, use MP40, M1012, M14, MP45 for close range and use MP49, Famas, AWM for long-range battle. But don’t forget to target the head of your opponents.

3. Land on Popular places

The Popular places mean where maximum enemies drop for the battle. These most landing locations are full of loots and enemies, and if you have good skills, you can get the highest number of kills there. But the problem is there is also a high survival risk, so you must have good skills in 1VS4 battle.

The best popular places in Free fire to kill more enemies are Clock tower, Peak, Pochinok, Hanger, Mill.

4. Be fast and avoid foot travel.

Improve your aim to kill more enemies in Free fire

You will have limited time in the battleground, so you should manage your time. So, after cleaning one location, move to another place immediately.

But, while traveling, you should use a vehicle because it can save your time to find more enemies before the circle end everything.

5. Try to get a Noob/bot lobby.

Booyah- high kill in Free fire

If you get the bot lobby or Noob lobby, you can kill more than 10 enemies in just one FF match.

You can get these weak lobbies in two ways, and they are:
(i) Play with a new player. Make him a teammate.
(ii) Your rank should be in gold or below it.