How can I breed turtles in Minecraft: 4 steps

In Minecraft, you might have seen turtles swimming in the water and crawling on the beaches- but do you know the way to breed them?

Turtles are the passive mobs in Minecraft that you don’t deal with most often. They are nothing special and don’t provide much of an advantage for you by keeping them.

They are very slow and have high health. You can get seagrass by killing turtles.

Where can we find turtles in Minecraft?

You can find turtles at sandy beaches, where sand meets the ocean biome. They are most likely to spawn in that area. Also, you can find them in small islands made up of sand.

How to tame a turtle in Minecraft?

You cannot technically tame a turtle, but you can breed them without taming them. You can make it follow you by luring it with seagrass.

What are the benefits of having a turtle?

There are a few benefits of having turtles. When baby turtles grow, they throw out scute- which if you get 5 of you can make a turtle shell which you can wear in your head. It provides 10 seconds of water breathing.

Zombies and other mobs get attracted by turtle eggs, and they will come to destroy them. So you can use this as an advantage to make different kinds of farms like the gold farm or exp farms.

Steps to breed turtles in Minecraft

Step 1

Collect some seagrass. ( In Minecraft, You can find seagrass near the beach in the water or on the ocean floor. But, collect them with shears or with tools enchanted with silk touch. If you don’t, the grass will break and become useless.)

Sea grass in Minecraft: Helps to tame turtles
Step 2

After that, Find 2 turtles around the sandy area. If they are swimming, then lure them into the sand with seagrass.

Step 3

Then, feed each of the seagrasses. There will be heart signs, and they will get close and start to breed. Then the female will act like digging the sand action for a while and lay 1-2 eggs.

Breeding Turtles in Minecraft

Now, if you want to collect those eggs, you must use a tool enchanted with silk touch -Or else the egg will break.

Turtle eggs in Minecraft
Step 4

Then, you can create a small area with a fence or a wall having both land and water in it.

Turtles in MInecraft

The baby turtle hatching from the egg will take 5,6 nights at least, and you need to be in the 128 block range for it to hatch. The baby turtle is the smallest mob in Minecraft. You can feed it seagrass to make it bigger faster.

So, I hope you understand how to breed turtles in Minecraft to get their eggs for many purposes.

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  • How can I craft turtle shell in Minecraft?

Firstly, open your crafting table and place 5 scutes to make a turtle shell(Like in the picture). You can wear a turtle shell in your head, and it will work like armor.