Best Mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Best Mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Pubg mobile/BGMI doesn’t bring mythic emotes every day, so these items are highly precious in the game. These items have a unique style than the rest of the emotes.

Players have to unlock mythic emotes from either royal pass or 100 RP rank or crate opening. So, this is also the reason mythic emotes are demanding items in the game.

Until now, BGMI/Pubg mobile has brought more than fifty mythic emotes for the players, but among them, we will list out 10 emotes that every player wants to get because of their attractive expression.

Top 10 Best mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

1. Spirit of Godzilla emote

. Spirit of Godzilla emote: Mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

The Godzilla emote is the most impressive mythic emote, and it came with a Godzilla outfit in the Godzilla luck spin. The player spent more UC to get it because the unlock chance of this emote was too low. You can use this emote to tell you are the strongest among all.

2. The fool emote

 The fool emote

The fool emote is everyone’s favorite. It is one of the best joker styles emote in Pubg mobile/BGMI, and the player unlocked this emote with a fool set by opening a fool crate.

The event is still unforgettable because players unlocked the M416 fool skin along with the outfit and emote. So, if you have a fool emote, you can use it to troll your enemies to tell them they are weak.

3. Envoy of death emote

Envoy of death emote

Do you know when this emote came in Pubg mobile? Pubg mobile brought Envoy of death Emote on 24th October 2019. It is the most popular emote and was available on the premium crate.

Therefore, players having enough premium crate vouchers unlocked this emote without spending a single UC. It is one of the most unique emote that shows you are a player with attitude in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

4. Bodybuilder emote

 Bodybuilder emote: Mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

The bodybuilder emote was introduced on 16th November 2019, and it is one of the funny mythical emote in Pubg mobile/BGMI. It came as the reward of bodybuilder chicken luck spin.

It was possible to unlock only after unlocking the bodybuilder chicken outfit from the spin. Players still use this funny emote to troll their opponent in the lobby.

5. Rhythm rider emote

Rhythm rider emote

The Rhythm rider is the best-looking emote, and also you can call it one of the best dancing mythical emote in Pubg Mobile/BGMI. It came in the premium crate on 12th March 2020. So, the player having enough crate vouchers unlocked the Rhythm rider emote for free in Pubg mobile.

6. Elite Agent emote

Elite Agent emote

The elite agent emote was introduced as the season 11 elite pass reward. Most of the players unlocked the agent emote from the elite pass by spending 600UC. Therefore, you might know about the elite agent- it’s a really attractive mythical emote.

7. Traveling in Time emote

Traveling in Time emote

Do you know? The time-traveling emote was the reward of the classic crate, and less than 1% of players have this emote. It was possible to unlock only after unlocking the traveling-in-time outfit.

But, you know the chance of getting the mythic outfit with emotes in Pubg mobile was less than 0.5%. But, if we talk about its looks and style, it is outstanding.

8. Bling Emote

 Bling Emote

If you compare all the dancing emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI, you will find the Mythic Bling emote the best among all. It came on 10th February 2019 as a premium crate reward. If you have this emote with you, you can use it to dance in the lobby to dominate your enemies.

9. Warrior emote

. Warrior emote: Mythic emotes in Pubg mobile/BGMI

Wow, another stylish mythical emote. If you are a season 9 player, probably, you might have warrior emote in Pubg mobile. It came as the elite pass reward in the season 9th. If you have, you can use it to tell you are a warrior of the battleground.

10. Avian Tyrant emote

Avian Tyrant emote

Do you remember season 14? It is also known as the best reward-giving season in the history of Pubg mobile. In that season, the game brought many rewards, including Avian Tyrant. It is really one of the cool and stylish emote for every situation.