How to unlock Emilia Character in Pubg Mobile/BGMI?

How to unlock Emilia Character in Pubg Mobile/BGMI?

Emilia is a new female character in Pubg mobile and BGMI, and this article will tell you the best way to unlock her.

Emilia MVP Showcase effect: Pubg Mobile And BGMI Character

Due to the awesome Emote and the voice, Emilia is the best character compared to Anna. Also, if you look at her appearance of Emilia, then you will find her more attractive than others.

Emilia and reward offer

You can upgrade Emilia up to level 10, and in each stage, you will get the best rewards.

1Emilia Herself
2Emilia voice pack
350 character voucher
410 character shard
5Inspecting the battlefield emote
6Emilia Voice pack
7100 Character voucher
820 Character Shard
10MVP Showcase

The emote of Emilia are:
(i) Inspecting the battlefield.
(ii) Trace analysis
(iii) Material analysis

The dresses of Emilia are:
(i) Emilia Glasses
(ii) Amethyst Tech

Way to unlock character Emilia in Pubg mobile/BGMI

1. Earn a character voucher and spend it to get her

Emilia in Pubg mobile/BGMI

The original price to get Emilia in Pubg mobile and Bgmi is 6ooUC, but if you already have 600 character voucher, you can unlock her for free. If you don’t have enough CV, you might know that the game frequently brings events that reward character vouchers with discounts.

So, collect the required CV and purchase Emilia from the shop at any time or Spend UC if you have no time to get the voucher.

For example: currently, an event, purchase to get a new character is running. In this event, you can get 1 character voucher by purchasing 1 UC, and 15 character vouchers by 100 UC Purchase in Pubg Mobile and BGMI. And So on.

2. Expensive but direct way

You can get free Emilia character- without spending UC or using a CV, but you have to top up. Can you?

For this- go to the event and purchase to get a new character. Here, you will see- “If you top up or purchase 1200UC, you can get the free character” in Pubg Mobile and BGMI. Yes, it is somewhat expensive, but the character comes to you without any other charges.