Bennett Genshin Impact: His Talent, Artifact, Weapon & compo

Bennett Genshin Impact: His best Talent, Artifact, Weapon, and compo

As you know, Bennett is one of the strongest characters in the game, and even though just being a four-star character, he holds the best place in the heart of every Genshin Impact player. Bennett is a PYRO Sword-wielding character who is the best support for providing healing and attack bonuses to the whole team. He is the only character who can give so much buff to the team played as a support. Not only support, but you can play Bennett as sub-DPS or main-DPS, which is not widely famous but can be used and see great results.

Guide: All about Genshin Impact Bennett Character

1. Best Talent of Bennett Character

(1) Fantastic Voyage:
The main part of Bennett’s kit in his talent that makes him one of the Powerful Genshin characters is his elemental burst fantastic voyage. This elemental burst in use heals the character quickly inside its range. It is the fastest healing provided by any character in the game.

Though it only heals the character up to 75% to max hp, it still is the strongest of its kind. This burst also provides the characters with an attack buff which is beneficial in many combats parts of the game.

(2) Passion Overload:
Passion overload is the Elemental skill of Bennett. It is a great skill to use, which has two levels. One is the tap, and the other is the hold button. Both are powerful, but the tap button is optimal for more potential overall.

This talent of Bennett is very useful for energy generation as its cooldown on tap is very low. It is also popular giving the name one (One-Shot Bennett) as the player used Bennett as the primary carrier and deal a lot of damage in one shot.

2. Best Artifacts Set for Bennett Character

Best Artifacts Set for Bennett in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, The best Artifact set to use for Bennett is the 4-piece noblesse set whether you are using him as support, main DPS, sub-DPS, burst support, any of them.

It is a perfect set for Bennett as 2 pieces give more damage potential in your elemental burst, whereas on the other hand, the 4 –piece set increases the attack of all party members after you use his elemental burst. There are other good artifacts sets to mix matches to build your Bennett for different roles, but the noblesse set should be your top pick.

3. Preferred Artifacts Stats of Bennett

Bennett mostly prefers energy recharge as its most needed stat as its burst should be up all the time. This stats is the only source of main damage potential to get out of Bennett in Genshin. The energy recharge level I mostly keep is around 250- it can differ according to your team composition. After you hit the required mark for energy recharge, you can use a pyro damage goblet for burst damage.

4. Best Weapons for Bennett Character

Choosing a good sword for Bennett is very important as his buff depends on the base attack stat. Bennett can not get the base attack from artifacts, so using only a high stat base attack weapon can give more buff from his elemental burst.

Typically, the best weapons for Bennett are any 5-star swords as they have more base attacks than 4-star swords. But some 4-star swords can also have value as per their passive and main stat and perform well for usage.

5. Weapons of Bennett for all kinds of Genshin players

(1) Skyward Blade:
In Genshin Impact, the best weapon for Bennett in the whole game is the skyward blade. It’s a 5-star weapon with a high base stat of max 608, which is huge for Bennett’s elemental burst buff. Also, it is an energy recharge main stat sword which is very important for Bennett as he must have it burst up all the time. This weapon also has the best passivity of increasing the crit rate of the wielder, attack speed, Normal and charged attack damage of the wielder.

 Skyward Blade Genshin Impact

(2)Festering Desire:
If you are an old player, you probably must have a festering desire sword by completing an event in Genshin Impact. It is the best free-to-play weapon with the best base stat with energy recharge as its main stat. Its passive increases the elemental skill damage and crit rate of the wielder. So, The Festering desire weapon can be a great option for Bennett if you do not have any five stars.

Festering Desire sword Genshin

Notably, any 5 star is good on Bennett, and for 4-star festering desire can be a great option if you dint have any black cliff sword sacrificial sword can work but not at the top level.

6. Team compositions for Bennett Character(Build)

As we know, Bennett is one of the strongest support characters in the game. Bennett shines in any team comp that you put him as a fourth slot unit for haling and attack buff.
Though teams, where Bennett is essential, are:

(1) Xiangling National Team
In the Xiangling national team, Bennett is a must-have character as he fulfills many roles in a one-character himself. Mainly he acts as a healer and a damage buff provider for the whole team. But his best use is that Bennett helps Xiangling have her burst up fast.

Xiangling National Team

Xiangling burst cost around 80, which is hard to manage, and Bennett acts as a pyro energy particle generator to fill her high burst cost. So, for Bennett Xiangling National Team is very Stronge on its own as it contains only 4-star Genshin characters.

(2) Ganyu Melt Comp
Ganyu melt comp is another highest damage potential team comps where Bennett plays a significant role as per the same reason to provide xiangling with energy recharge heal the whole team and gives attack buff. But if you are using an anemo character instead of xiangling like Kazuha, you need bennet as a pyro applier to proc the pyro with Kazuha’s burst.

Ganyu Melt Comp for Bennett

In conclusion, this is how you build the strongest Bennett in Genshin Impact. If used correctly, Bennett becomes an overpowered hero in the game, but just don’t activate its sixth constellation, that’s all.