Best healer characters in Genshin Impact

Best healer characters in Genshin Impact

There are many characters in Genshin Impact, and among them who have healing ability is known as a healer character.

In the beginning, every player gets Barbara after completing a prayerful hymn in ar18, but she can make you freeze in the battleground, which is not good enough when you have to do a challenge or spiral abyss.

Therefore, most players dislike Barbara as a healer, and nor do I recommend you use this character. There are so many healers in Genshin, and I will help you choose the best among them from my experience. So let us begin.

Top 5 Best Genshin Impact Healer Characters

1. Bennett

Bennett: Genshin Impact Character

Bennett being a healer can boost your damage to other characters when you are within his ult circle. She heals up to 75% of your HP without any issue most of the time. If you are dulic main or hutao, then Bennett c6 is the best, but not recommended as you might use other characters later.

Here, Bennett healing scales off of hp, but his attack buff scales off his base attack. Even if you build Bennett as a buffer, he heals so fast that you can use him as a healer as well. He does a lot of dmg as well. Overall, Bennett is a perfect unit, and most players call him a 6-star healer character in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, If we talk about the best artifact for Bennett, I would suggest nobless because of its set bonus.

2. Kokomi

Character Kokomi

Most Genshin players didn’t pull for Kokomi because of her negative crit rate, but now many want her because of her best healing ability. She is good with Perma freeze teams and heals like a tank.

Kokomi scales off her hp, so stacking hp with Tenacity of the Millelith or Maiden Beloved set is the best choice for this character. She can additionally walk on water as well while using ult.

3. Diona

Genshin Impact Character: Diona

Diona is one of the best healer and shielder characters in Genshin Impact as her shield and healing both scales off of HP.

From my experience, using her shield is good, but after the safeguard is damaged, her E skill can’t be used (For another Shield), and that is what makes a character like Zhongli far better than her if you have a slot for her another healer. Moreover, Maiden beloved is the best set for Diona, and stacking hp gives the best result.

4. Jean

Jean: Healing Character

Jean, also known as Acting Grand Master, is one hell of a strong character that the player loves. Players use her as DPS and Sub-DPS more than a healer as she can heal well and deal damage. Her ult not only heals, but it cleans as well. So, I consider Jean a best healing character, and I pick her most of the time while exploring things in Genshin Impact.

Viridescent Venerer is the best artifact for Jean as a DPS, but as a Sub-DPS, Nobless would be better.

5. Qiqi

Genshin Healer: Qiqi

Most players hate qiqi after they get her losing 50/50, but I think she deserves better. QiQi is my 1st 5-star character, and I build her to her peak, and she can Easily heal 5k- 10k with her E.

The reason that makes me think QiQi is the best 5-star healer in Genshin Impact is her ult Aka tailsman. Her ult marks an enemy, and you can heal that enemy with the hero you want to heal, and the character also heals, and you deal damage as well.

Qiqi scales off her attack, and the maiden set would be best with an attack% artifact.