How to make a copper farm in Minecraft; 10 steps

How to make a copper farm in Minecraft; 10 steps

If you want to build a copper farm near your Minecraft villager, but have no idea how to make it, then read this article till the last word. We will go through step by step to make a simple farm that will produce enough coppers without any effort.

Copper is an item similar to iron and other metals in Minecraft, which you can find in the wild in its ore state like iron in caves. They aren’t rare to find-you can find copper ore easily like iron. You have to smelt copper ore in a furnace or a blast furnace to get copper ingots, and you can use them to make blocks of copper, spyglass, etc.

What is a copper farm?

A copper farm is a structure you can make to collect lots of copper easily while you don’t have to search for the ores and smelt them. Copper farms work on the concept of killing drowned. When you kill Drowned mobs, they give you copper ingots, and this farm will trap many Drowned for you.

From the copper farming in Minecraft, you not only get copper, but you also get a lot of exp points. So let us know how to farm a lot of coppers in the game.

Steps for building a simple copper farm in Minecraft

Firstly, to build a copper farm, you should collect some necessary materials, and they are About a stack of building solid blocks, some torches, two water buckets, a signboard, a trapdoor, some ladders, two glass blocks, two chests, and a hopper.

Step 1

The first step of farming copper in Minecraft is all about finding a zombie spawner. You can find zombie spawners in deep caves and mineshafts. Then after locating the spawner, you will need to cover it with torches so that mobs don’t spawn.

First step of building copper farm
Step 2

Make a 5*5 room with a height of 7 blocks. Remember to place the spawner in the center. You can make the room bigger if you want but remember to put the spawner in the center.

Step 3

Go to one corner of the room and pour a bucket of water. There will be one block that the water cannot reach. If you want to make a larger room, then make sure that the water flow is towards one point. You can put 2 buckets of water at each corner to do so.

Third step of making copper farm in Minecraft
Step 4

Dig 5 blocks down from that block and make a small room there.

Step 5

Place two chests on the right side, and at the block beneath the hole, place a hopper connecting to the chests.

Step 6

Now place a signboard above the hopper, then Pour a water bucket just above the signboard.

Step 7

Now place 2 glass blocks on the side of the signboard, then Put a solid block in front of the hopper. And on that solid block, place a trapdoor there.

Step 7: building copper farm in Minecraft
Step 8

To make a way out of the farm, dig some blocks out to the right. Make a ladder till you reach the surface.

Step 9

Now stand in front of the trapdoor. Face up and dig 7 blocks. Then Dig in the front to see your spawner room. The copper farming structure is almost ready.

Step 10

Break all the troches and return from the hole you just made. Cover up the holes you broke just now.

There, Minecraft copper farm is ready- now wait, The zombies will spawn and drown once they stay long in the water. After going afk for a few minutes, you can see them drowned. Then you can kill them to get copper ingots, and that is how you can do copper farming in the game.

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