Minecraft healing potion: How to brew it?

Minecraft healing potion: How to brew it?

In this article, you will learn to process a healing potion(Instant Health) in Minecraft to survive longer from the fall, fire, water, mob attack, and other similar situations.

You have ten hearts and 20 health points in Minecraft, which means you will respawn in a random place if you fail to save them. Health is limited, but you can somehow extend it using some great arms and enchanting armors. There are different enchantments for different purposes.

Furthermore, there are other techniques to recover your health in Minecraft, and the most primitive, most common, and even more effective way is by eating whatever you have left. However, in intense conditions, this might not work.

Similarly, you can also create the regeneration field using the Beacon, which regenerates health within some radius, but this too might not be an efficient way to fill the health in Minecraft.

So, one of the efficient ways to increase the health point is by drinking the potion, and the healing potion is the most effective in instant conditions.

Steps to brew a healing potion in Minecraft

The raw materials required to make a healing potion are glass bottles, a Crafting table, a water source block, a nether wart, Glistering melons, and blaxe powder.

Step 1

Firstly, Open the crafting table and craft the glass bottles. (Resource required: 3 pieces of glasses)

Minecraft Glass bottle

Step 2

Fill the glass bottles with water by right-clicking on the water source block and placing them on the brewing stand.

Step 3

Place the blaxe powder in the brewing stand as fuel for the brewing stand.

Step 4

Then, place the nether wart in the brewing stand in the recipe box and wait some time for the awkward potion will be formed.

Minecraft Awkward Potion: Step to make healing potion

Step 5

Again open the crafting table and craft the glistering melons. (Resource required: 8 gold ingots and 1 melon)

Glistering Melon Slice

Step 6

Finally, place that crafted glistering melon in the brewing stand and wait some time until the health-recovering potion becomes ready to use in Minecraft.

Potion of healing in Minecraft

Now it is ready to heal your health, and you can further add gunpowder in the recipe box to make this potion into the splash potion of healing.

Minecraft splash healing potion

In the Minecraft splash healing potion, Redstone increases the duration-his will revive you instantly.