Minecraft Automatic Wool Farm: How to Build the farm?

Minecraft Automatic Wool Farm:

You have to build an automatic wool farm, or you can say, a sheep farm, to do wool farming in Minecraft. In this article, you will learn to make an automatically working wool farm step by step.

In Minecraft, sheep are the only source of wool in the game- you cannot get wool from any other mob except some random chests.

Wool is one of the Basic resources as you can make beds using it, which is very important for sleep. Also, using wool, you can make carpets, Banner, and paintings, and you can use it for trading with the shepherd villager and block vibrations from nearby sculk sensors.

Therefore, you should make a wool farm which is an early game farm that uses shears to cut the sheep wool automatically.

The Materials required to make a wool farm(sheep farm) are One observer, one dispenser, 1 hopper, 1 rail, 1 minecart with hopper, some grass blocks, some glass blocks, one Redstone, 3 chests,2 fences, and a lead.

Steps to building an automatic wool farm in Minecraft

Step 1

Firstly, to build a Minecraft sheep farm, you will need to find sheep. (You can get sheep anywhere in the plain grassland biome.)
Take your lead and the sheep with you and tie it to a fence. (You can find Minecraft lead in chests, trading with villagers, or killing the wandering merchant.)

Step 2

Then, Dig 3 blocks horizontally in the ground, and put down two chests and a hopper linking to those chests. Hold crouch while connecting the hopper to the chest.

Step 3

Place a rail over the hopper and surround it from 3 sides with any blocks. Then place a Minecart with a hopper.

Step 4

Place two stairs at the side and place a slab in the middle.

Step 5

Place 4 grass blocks over except the dark log at the back.

Step 6

At the back, place an observer at the back facing forward at the grass block.

Step 7

Then, Place a dispenser over the observer, and put a block behind the observer.

Step 8

Place a hopper connecting to the dispenser. Then place a chest over the hopper.

Step 9

Your sheep farm(Wool farm) should look like this for now. Now you need to bring your sheep in front of the dispenser. Also, make a little area around the farm for protection.

Step 10

Place blocks all around the sheep to trap it.

Step 11

Now, Make a staircase at the side of the chest, and fill the chest the top with shears.

Step 12

Then, Place Redstone at the back of the farm and a trapdoor in the front.

There, the automatic wool farm is ready in Minecraft, and once the sheep start eating the grass, the observer gets activated, then the shears in the dispenser will cut the sheep wool, and the chest stores the produce.