How to make a raid farm in Minecraft to get Totem of Undying?

How to make a raid farm in Minecraft to get Totem of Undying?

We will discuss how you can build a raid farm to make a lot of Totem of Undying in Minecraft step by step.

What is the totem of undying in Minecraft?

The totem of undying is a very special item in Minecraft because if you hold it in your hand, it can save you from death once per totem. But, it is a rare item. It only works if you have it in your hand. The only way to get the totem is by killing Evokers which you can find in the woodland mansion or during raids in the fifth wave. However, you can also get totems of undying from the raid farming in Minecraft. Raid farming is the continuous way to attract and kill pillagers, and Evokers are part of pillagers.

How to build the raid farm in Minecraft step by step?

What materials are required to start raid farming in Minecraft?
To create a raid farm, you will need- 24 blocks of glass, a stack of building blocks, preferably stone, 22 trapdoors, 7 fence gates, 3 signboards, 2 beds, 2 workstations, a hopper, 2 chests, light sources, a lava source, 6 water sources, and 27 ladders. So, let’s continue.

(Step 1): First, build a pillar of 3 glass blocks and make a 3*3 glass surface over it.

first step to build the raid farm in Minecraft

(Step 2): Dig 2 blocks from the front and 3 from the other sides. Then dig out to the edge to make a 7*6 surface.

Second step to make raid farm in Minecraft

(Step 3): Make the surface by removing 3 block layers down.

(Step 4): Dig 2 blocks deep and 3 blocks high on the wall to make a trench. (Like in Picture)

(Step 5): Go to the edge of the trench you just dug and again dig 22 blocks below.

(Step 6): Now, from your position, remove one block backward, then again remove 4 blocks on each side to make a 9*7 room. (Make the room 3 blocks high)

(Step 7): On the left side from here, make a 3*3*3 room for the villager.

(Step 8): On the 3rd column on the right side, remove 2 blocks inside. Then dig straight upwards, placing ladders down to the surface.

(Step 9): Make a hole on the second column from the left and dig down until you reach the room made for the villager.

(Step 10): Place a bed on the left and a lectern on the right side, and remove one block on the right to place water. And cover this with glass blocks except for the middle row, then light the room with a light source to prevent mobs from spawning in your raid farm in Minecraft.

Tenth step to build the raid farm in Minecraft

(Step 11): Go back up and destroy the 3 glass blocks you used to build the 3*3 glass platform, then cover the platform in the glass. Build the 3 blocks high wall to prevent escaping of villagers. ( The stone in the second pic is a block to build the glass block from outside.)

(Step 12): Build a Temporary road to bring the villager through a mine cart. After the villager enters the platform, build a roof. (To make the mine cart go up, put powered rails between rails with Redstone torches on the side.)

12th step build the raid farm in Minecraft

(Step 13): Bring another villager and drop him into the hole that connects to the 333 room, then close it.

(Step 14): Go down to the 22 blocks hole you dug first. Place a hopper that directs stuff to the chest. Place a glass block on the roof, so raiders can’t come out. Also, place the trapdoor on the hopper and underneath the glass block on the roof.

14th step to do raid farming

(Step 15): Go to the surface and replace the rim on the outside with stone. Build a 3*2 wall on the front and cover the rest of the rim with trapdoors.

(Step 16): Place down 2 fence gates and 3 signboards like in the picture. You can place things on top of each other by holding the crouch button. Then place the lava between the signboards on the wall.

16th step for raid farming in Minecraft

(Step 17): Then, on the trench, place 4 fence gates, 3 below the surface and 1 below them. Then place a water bucket in the trench that flows to the hole. Place two more buckets of water at the opposite corner of the trench.

There, your raid farm is complete in Minecraft, and you will need to get the bad omen you can get by killing some pillagers. You have to go down to kill the pillagers yourself, and after some time, the evoker will spawn, and you can get a totem of undying.

Evoker spawn in the raid farm in Minecraft
Totem of undying in Minecraft