Best Hard-Carry Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners – Top 5

Best Hard-Carry Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners - Top 5

What is Hard carry Heros?

Hard Carry means the role played by the player, which is also the key that leads the team to victory. In other words, the player who controls the specific heroes and engages in team fights in the Dota 2 is known as hard-carry or carry of the team.

Whereas, to engage in a battle, the hero must have a farm in the best way over-viewing and without being less than the opponent team hard carry hero levels and gold.

Top 5 Hard-Carry Heroes for Beginners in Dota 2

1) Sniper

Sniper is the most common hero played by the beginners in Dota 2, which falls under the range/agility heroes. Almost everyone plays the sniper commonly when they are beginners.

To play sniper, all you need to do is make an item called a dragon lance. It grants you range to stay behind your team and hit the enemy in a group fight.

Sniper is the Hard carry character that can engage in the fight even without having enough farm and hero level and easily dominate the early game in Dota 2.

2) Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin Hard-Carry Heroes in Dota 2

Phantom Assassin, also known as PA is one of the easiest hard-carry characters in Dota 2 and falls under the melee/agility hero section.

After enough farm and sufficient hero level, PA could easily take down massive critical damage on her basic attacks. But, you need to use your first ability stifling dagger that deals damage and slows down the enemy unit.

The second ability is a Phantom strike. It helps you charge towards the enemy unit running away, and finally counter the hero through her basic attack.

3) Zeus

Hard carry hero in Dota 2

Zeus, also another easiest and most played hard carry character in Dota 2 falls under the range/intelligence heroes.

Unlike other heroes, Zeus is weak in the early game, but having enough farm and level can dominate in the late game.

The ultimate ability is Thunder-god’s wrath cast through all the enemy heroes of the map no matter where they may be that helps get kills/assists for the team.

4) Huskar

Powerful hero

Huskar falls under the range/strength hero and is one of the Strongest hard-carry heroes of Dota 2. It can dominate at the early group fight of the early game without even having enough farm and hero levels.

But it is kind of underrated and not played by the beginners. His ultimate ability helps to charge towards a running enemy. Also, he can take a 1 v 1 fight easily, depending upon the opponent’s hero level and farm and itself.

5) Mars

Hard carry character

Mars is a melee/strength hero and is another Powerful hard carry character in Dota 2. But, to play this hero, You should consider perfect timing as a key factor.

If all the opponent falls under this hero’s ultimate ability blood of the arena, then he can block movement and attack of all the enemies. This hero combination can be very good with other hero combinations such as medusa, mirana, etc.