Best builds in Dota 2 for all the Heroes- Top 5

Best builds in Dota 2 for all the Heroes- Top 5

What is Builds\Items?

In Dota 2, Builds is an item that heros can equip to get more power and spells. There are various builds in the game and grant the unique ability to the heros depending on their nature.

So, I have made a collection of the best items for all heros either to rank up or to win the battle in Dota 2.

Top 5 Builds items for all heros in Dota 2

1) Heart of Tarrasque

Best builds in Dota 2 for all the Heroes

Heart of Tarrasque is considered one of the best defensive Build items in Dota 2 and it is an effective item for heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Earthshaker, etc.

The main objective of this item is to heal the heroes speedily, regenerating the health at 7% of the bearer’s total HP per second.

2) Black king bar

Build in Dota 2

Black king bar is mostly built by every hero in every single Dota match. It grants spell immunity, invading and not letting enemies use items spell on the hero after the black king bar activates.

This item has a cool-down of some 65-70 seconds at first use. But, decreases the cool-down duration after each activation/use of it

3) Butterfly

Dota 2 build

The butterfly is another Powerful item that every heros prefers to build in Dota 2, whether a range or melee hero. This item does not have a cool-down duration or spell effect.

But it enhances the stats of the hero by giving them an additional 30+ agility, 30+ attack speed, 35%+ evasion, and 20+ damage. This item is mostly prior by agility heroes such as Luna, phantom lancer, etc.

4) Refresher orb

Build for all players

Refresher orb comes under the magical item of Dota 2 and is one of the strongest Builds items in the late games. This item resets all the cool-down of a hero giving them another chance to use their power.

As it is a magical item, refresher orb is a magical spell that should be cast and has a cool-down duration of 150-200 seconds. It is really useful for heroes such as razors, shadow-friend, juggernaut, etc.

5) Silver edge

Top builds in Dota 2

This Builds also comes under the magical item. After you cast a spell from this item, it grants you invisibility of 14 seconds. It is useful in a group fight to run away when you have low health.

Also, it gives you an additional 170 bonus physical damage and 160% critical strike. This item has a cool-down of 15-30 seconds

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