All about the Aghanim’s Scepter in Dota 2

All about the Aghanim’s Scepter in Dota 2

Aghanim’s scepter is a relic owned by a powerful wizard named Aghanim in Dota 2.

It is an item in the video game Dota 2 known by every character, and each has its unique voice lines and responses when purchasing it.

Aghanim scepter is a powerful item used to passively increase the skill power of heros, mainly their ultimate.

Dota 2  Aghanim’s scepter

It can provide anything ranging from new ability altogether to simply some AS increase the power of the hero(based on the character used).

Everything you need to know about Dota 2 Aghanim’s scepter

Why do you need Aghanim’s scepter?

Aghanim scepter is a widely used item in Dota 2 because it is viable with most heroes. It can amplify the ultimate abilities of many heroes in the game along with the attributes that it provides.

It is an item that can boost your Heros capability to turn the tide of the match.

Furthermore, you can upgrade it to Aghanim’s blessing that allows you to have the passive ability of the item.

I.e. ultimate upgrade but without taking up an item slot to make room for another thing you may need. However, the stats and attributes boost does are lost.

Differences between Aghanim’s scepter and Aghanim’s blessing in Dota 2

Aghanim’s scepter is a non-consumable item and takes up an item slot. Whereas, Aghanim blessing is a consumable item in Dota 2 that gets consumed upon buying but does not take up any slot.

Aghanim’s Scepter

The scepter, however, grants you with stats boost but takes, and the blessing does not.

Recipe for scepter

You need some other items called recipes to obtain the scepter. So, the recipe to get the Aghanim’s scepter in Dota 2 are Point booster, Staff of Wizardry, Ogre Axe, and Blade of Alacrity.

Where to buy Aghanim’s scepter?

Secret shop in Dota 2

You can purchase an Aghanim scepter at the Main shop under Magical, but you need Point Booster. The player can get the point booster from the is only Secret shop located at the center of the map.

You cannot bring the item of Secret Shop at the Base Shop, so you should know the location of the Secret Shops.

Location of the Secret shop in Dota 2

There are two secret shops in the game. One is in the forest between the top and mid lane on the Radiant Side, and another one is between the bot and mid-lane on the Dire side.

All in all, both sides have a Secret Shop. To make it easier, couriers who are lifesavers and time savers can use the secret shop.

Aghanim’s scepter becomes better when upgraded to Aghanim’s blessing, but it is not compatible with every hero.

Some become godlike with their upgrades. But for others, it makes little to no difference at all. To know more about which heroes the items are best and worst with stay tuned.