How can you counter Huskar in Dota 2?

How can you counter Huskar in Dota 2?
Who is Huskar in Dota 2?

Before we begin on how to counter Huskar in Dota 2, you need to know about him. Huskar is a ranged hero in the strength category. He is both a good carry for the team and also excels in ganking capabilities.

Husker has a high-risk and high reward play. He has a high DPS with which he can kill any hero, and the best part he does not need any mana to cast his abilities. He has a stackable ability which can be dangerous for his foes at any point of the match.

This hero gets Stronger the lower his hp gets as he gets additional attack speed, damage with stacks, and health regen. If Husker gets some advantage in the early game, he can easily carry the game when he snowballs.

Huskar in Dota 2

So, he is a strong hero, but no hero is uncounterable, and Huskar is no exception. There are many ways to deal with and defeat the Huskar in Dota 2 that we will discuss in this article.

How to counter Huskar easily in Dota 2

1) Select the best counter Heroes

In Dota 2, Heroes like Ancient Apparition are a perfect counter to Huskar because Huskar has a high regen, and this hero can cancel all those healing.

Other good counters against Huskar in Dota 2 are Witchdoctor, Windranger, Enchantress, Bloodseeker, Lifestealer.

2) Build counter items to his abilities

Countering the Huskar with items that can reduce regeneration abilities also works well against him, like Eye of Skadi, Spirit vessel. Also, you can use Black King Bar, Pipe of Insight, Heaven’s Halberd to weaken his Burning Spears.

His damage source is his burning spears, and weakening it will weaken Huskar. Similarly, reducing his regeneration is the best idea to beat Huskar in Dota 2 by not allowing him to stay in the battle for a long time.

3) Get advantage of his weakness in the early game.

As a husker is a snowballing hero, rally your teammates to punish him in the early stages of the game so that he doesn’t become much of a threat later on.

Your best bet at winning against the Huskar is not letting his farm. He is a scaling hero that means he will get stronger the longer the game goes. So, it is better to nullify him at his weakest in the early game.

4) Get advantage of his low mobility to punish his team.

He is a low mobility hero, and you can abuse that with high mobility heroes to cut his waves to buy time and split the time.

As he doesn’t have much mobility, he cannot do much when you cut his lane. You can cut his lane and rotate to other parts of the map and gank his teammates and try to gain an advantage from there.

5) Do not let him farm freely.

Try to restrict his farm as much as possible so that he doesn’t snowball. Invade his jungles and punish him for farming at low health. Huskar is a carry hero in Dota 2, so take his jungles and not let him farm easily to counter fast.

Huskar usually farms at low health because of his skills, and when you get that chance, do not let it slip.

Punish him and try to kill Huskar or at least make him recall, and by the time he returns, you can take his jungles and minions to get the upper hand in Dota 2 battle.

6) Build your items to face Huskar

Try to split the map, take the Favorable 5vs4 fights, and get the trades going for your team. If you are not well-experienced to face the Huskar, your safest bet is to gank his teammates. Try to avoid him and take fights in other parts of the map.

Even if they do the same, at least get some trades in farms and objectives so that you can farm. You can fight Husakar on equal grounds without him having a higher farm with this strategy.