For Honor Ranks and Rewards Explained

For Honor Ranks and Rewards Explained

This article will guide you with the ranks and how the ranking system works in For Honor, including the rank rewards you will obtain.

For Honor is a multiplatform action game developed by Ubisoft. You can play this game on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This game is set in a medieval world with four groups you can choose from: Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin. There are different modes to play, like multiplayer, story, and arcade. The best part is the combat system, which mixes realistic and fictional aspects. Players need the skill to use different weapons and techniques. Overall, this game has Awesome graphics and fun multiplayer, which makes this game popular.

For Honor Ranking System

Overall, there are 7 ranks in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master division and Grand Master division. The game divides each rank into five Tier, with Division I being the lowest and Division V being the highest [except master and grandmaster divisions]. So, here the table shows the For honor ranks and their tier list:

All RanksDivision/Tier List
BronzeBronze I to V
SilverSilver I to V
GoldGold I to V
PlatinumPlatinum I to V
DiamondDiamond I to V
Master Players after Diamond V will be placed here.
Grand MasterThe Top 100 Master Division players will be placed in the Grandmaster division.

For Honor Rank Rewards

There is no such thing as a rank reset Reward in For Honor, as you will not get any particular gifts after the season reset. But you will receive many Rewards for winning rank games and other games.

You will earn Rewards through matches based on their performance. For instance, winning ranked games may grant special items, such as Ranked Reward Ornaments.

The good thing is that players can still earn Rewards even if a player loses a match. Some players intentionally lose their placement matches, aiming for easier wins later on. However, this strategy may backfire as many opponents in the lower ranks may have employed the same tactic.

Overall, some of the rewards in the game are:

  1. Steel:- In-game currency
  2. Ornaments:- Cosmetics that you can apply to heroes
  3. Effects:- Cosmetics that you can apply to different attacks and moves
  4. Emblems:- Decoration that you can display on the hero banner
  5. Outfits:- Cosmetics that can change a hero’s appearance
  6. Battle pass rewards:- Obtainable after completing battle pass tiers
  7. Tournament rewards:- For players who participate in and win tournaments. These rewards can include exclusive ornaments, effects, and outfits.
  8. Finally, Challenge rewards:- For players who complete various challenges in the game. So, these challenges include anything from winning some matches with a specific hero to completing a Difficult story mode mission.
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