How to get more battle points in MLBB? Mobile legends

How to get more battle points in MLBB? Mobile legends

Battle Points are the currency in MLBB(Mobile legends bang bang) by which you can buy new heroes, emblems and upgrade them.

There is also a diamond spending option in the game to purchase skins, heroes, etc. But, you know, diamonds require real-life money and can’t be gotten in-game easily.

So, if you have a lot of battle points, you can purchase the items and upgrade them to top-level without spending money on Mobile legends.

How to get more battle points in MLBB

(1) Complete daily quests

The first way to get battle points is to complete the daily quests. You have to play four times a day to obtain an active score.

You can earn up to 230 battle points in a day and 1610 BP in a week for free in MLBB. Also, receive a purple chest every week that contains 500 battle points.

2) Share the game

By sharing the game every day, you get a double battle point card which you can use to gain double gold after you win the ML battle. You don’t have to share the game daily, though. Click share, click on social media, and press back.

The Photo is not shared, but still, you will get the reward. Sometimes there are different events in the events box where after sharing two times, it gives you a double bp card in MLBB(Mobile legends).

3) Spin lucky draw

ML Tickets are another in-game item you can get in the event box that you can use to spin the lucky draw wheel, buy certain heroes and emblems.

Throughout the game, you get many trial cards of heroes, so you should buy the heroes with tickets. Every time you purchase heroes with the tickets will turn into battle points.

Sometimes in the lucky draw, you get a chance to get 300 BP, so you can spend your ticket to get it.

4) Complete ML achivements

Completing achievements is also the best way to make free battle points in ML. There are many easy missions you can finish effortlessly, and each gives a certain amount of gold, including battle points.

5) Rank up

The season resets every three months. So, If you get your rank up to the legend, you can get up to 20k BP for free as a rank push reward in Mobile legends(MLBB).

Furthermore, players can obtain 12K battle points in epic rank and 7k in grandmaster. So, the new season always brings an opportunity for the player to make a lot of free battle points(BP) in MLBB(Mobile Legends Bang Bang).

6) Earn medal points

make a lot of free battle points(BP) in MLBB

Players can obtain 40-50 BP from the free chest they get in every 2 hours. Also, a medal chest is the best thing to get 200-250 BP every day. But to get the medal chest, you should make 10 medal points from the battle.

After each battle, you get a video chest, and watching ads rewards 30-50 BP. However, if you don’t want to watch an advertisement, you can sell it for 1 BP per chest.

Moreover, players can obtain free 300 BP in ML if they log on consecutively for the 5th day.

Finally, you can also get extra 500 gold every week from your squad activities. Setting your credit score high will give you the capacity to earn more amount of gold.

In conclusion

The best way to have unlimited BP in MLBB inventory is not to waste them on unwanted things- You can’t get BP all at once. It’s a slow process, but by following the mentioned tips, you can collect BP faster than before in mobile legends.