Everything about Yurnero in Dota 2

Everything about Yurnero in Dota 2

Yurnero is known as The Juggernaut, is a melee agility hero in Dota 2 roster. He is a hero best played on a lane.

Yurnero is a carry hero who is very strong early to mid-game and is decent enough to carry in the late game.

Moreover, he can control the game if he gets some kills in the early game with the right team set up also deals heavy physical and magical damage with his abilities.

All about the Yurnero hero in Dota 2

What are the abilities of the Yurnero hero?

1) Blade Fury

Yurnero causes a devastating destructive force around himself, making him immune to magic. Also, he deals damage to nearby enemies.

2) Healing Ward

Juggernaut summons a Healing Ward that heals all the allies around it based on their max health. You can move him wherever you want and lasts for 25 seconds.

This skill of Yurnero becomes very strong in the late game because of its percentile-based healing.

However, it is crucial to place it in a good position because it only has 1 hitpoint.

3) Blade Dance
Blade Dance Yurnero hero in Dota 2

The blade dance skill of Yunero gives the hero an elevated chance to deal critical damage on each basic attack. It can allow the hero to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It is a passive ability.

4) Omnislash

The Juggernaut moves around the battlefield in Dota 2 by slashing enemies while also being invulnerable. Also, this skill alone can one-shot a squishy enemy hero if well farmed.

What are the best build items for the Yurnero hero in Dota 2?

The best builds item of Yurnero hero:
(i) Power Treads:- Can change selected attributes between Strength, Agility, and Intelligence with some attack and movement speed.
(ii) Battle Fury:- The best and core item for Yurnero as it works well with his passive. It gives damage, hp, and mana regeneration. Also, it has a passive that deals AOE additional damage and also boosts attacks against non-hero units.

(iii) Desolator:- It Provides additional damage and reduces the target’s armor for a few seconds.
(iv) Aghanim’s Scepter:- Gives great additional attributes of Strength to, Agility, and Intelligence and Upgrades ult of Yurnero hero.
(v) Phase Boots: Provides additional damage, movement speed, and armor along with increased percentile movement speed.

So, these builds are situational and need to be updated and improvised according to the situation to give you the best upper hand in the Dota 2 battlefield.

What are the pros and cons of Yurnero?

Every hero has some weaknesses and strengths, and Yurnero is no Exception in Dota 2. Some of the things I experienced:

Strength of Yurnero(pros):
(i) Strong in the early game.
(ii) Is very agile.
(iii) Can dominate the name paired up with a slow or stun hero.
(iv) Can carry the game.
(v) Ultimate is good in every stage of the game.

Weakness of Yurnero(cons):
(i) Has very low mana, and you will exhaust your mana in one single combo.
(ii) Very dependent on items.
(iii) Has no crowd control abilities like slows or stuns.
(iv) If you don’t have a good early game, You can’t carry.
(v) Weak against multiple enemies.

So, Juggernaut is a hero decently easy to play and quite convenient to learn, even for beginners. Also, he can farm very fast and dish out a large amount of damage.

Moreover, Juggernaut is a melee hero in Dota 2, so he will have difficulty getting near the enemies, so you should maintain good positioning. He is all in all a great and fun hero to play that can carry.