Novaria Mobile Legends Build | Best Items, Emblems, and More

Novaria Mobile Legends Build | Best Items, Emblems, and More

This article will guide you with the Novaria best build, her items, emblems, spells, combo and counters in Mobile Legends(MLBB). Since Novaria is a mage hero, we will build her accordingly, but my suggestion is don’t go for a tank build for her.

Novaria functions as a dis-engage long-distance poke mage in Mobile Legends that can deal massive amounts of damage from a safe distance. Since she is a new hero, she has been a popular pick in ranked games, no matter the rank. She has been either first-picked or banned in every rank game, and even tho she is broken, her win rate is relatively low as players have no idea how to play her and what she does. 

Novaria Combo

Ultimate+First Ability+Second Ability

She has a pretty straight combo:- Start the fight with her long-distance ultimate, which marks enemies and makes their hitbox larger, making it easier for your teammates and you to land your abilities. Follow this up with your first ability, which you can spam multiple times during every fight. Then use your second ability, which slows enemies and also allows you to pass through terrains and gain movement speed. It can be helpful if you are getting focused on fights in the game.

Novaria Counters 

One of the Biggest weaknesses of Novaria is her mana problems, as she uses tons of mana and tends to struggle with mana shortage. So watch out for your mana bar to avoid out of mana. She also lacks mobility, which makes her an easy counter for enemy assassins to one-shot her, so be sure to watch your positioning.

So, the heroes who can counter Novaria in Mobile Legends are Saber, Ling, Hayabusa, Fanny and Jawhead. However, she is weak against the heroes such as Karrie, Miya, Layla and Balmond.

Novaria Items

Below the table shows a set of Mobile Legends(MLBB) items suitable for the Novaria build:


Enchanted Talisman 
Since Novaria struggles with mana problems, she can go first item enchanted talisman for the extra mana and mana regen every second. It is also the best first item due to the health it provides and its magic power.

Magic shoes
Novaria is one of those mages that do damage by spamming her abilities, so having as much cooldown as possible is crucial to build her a better mage.

Ice Queen wand 
Not only does this item provide you with spell life steal, but it also grants you ability power to slow down. This item can make her annoying to play against her as you can easily spam lost distance ability while slowing all enemies hit.

Glowing wand 
This build item grants you tons of extra health, and its passive allows Novaria to deal magic damage that burns enemies over 3 seconds, which deals % health-based damage. This item is super powerful on her.
novaria build item
Divine glaive 
Since the enemies will be building magic resistance in the late game, picking this item will grant you magic penetration and allow you to do more damage.

Blood wings 
Finally, go for Bloodwings to get security in the form of extra health. It also grants you a shield that scales on your max ability power for extra durability.
Novaria Best Spell

Since Novaria has no mobility, which makes her an easy target, pick Flicker as her battle spell.

Novaria Best Emblem Set

Novaria Emblem Set build

A Mage emblem is the best to build Novaria in Mobile Legends. It grants you +17 magic power,+13.50 magic penetration,+2% movement speed,+5% magic life steal and +5% cooldown reduction.

Novaria Skin

Novaria skin mobile legends

Dark Star Novaria is the best skin for her; you can get it from the shop for only 269 diamonds.