Zilong Build Mobile Legends(MLBB) Guide

Zilong Build Mobile Legends(MLBB) Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Zilong in Mobile Legends(Mlbb), his items, spells, emblem set, counters and Combo. 

Zilong is an assassin/fighter hero in ML that is either played in the jungle or offlane. He is a very common pick in the lower ranks due to being ridiculously easy to play while being strong and having the ability to kill at least two squishy Carries. If you want an easy MLBB fighter/assassin that is easy to pick up, then zilong is the hero for you

Zilong Combo

  • Ultimate>First Ability>Second Ability

Use your ultimate to get attack speed and movement speed buff while being immune to slow, which allows you to run through enemies. Then use your first Ability to lock onto a carry enemy. Then use your Second Ability to fling them behind you. Finally, finish them off with your high physical attack and attack speed.

Zilong Spell

If you are playing split pushing Zilong, you should take arrival to teleport to your teams to take part in a teamfight. You can also use MLBB execute, as it is his best spell for Zilong for extra damage to secure kills. Otherwise, build Zilong with a Retribution spell while playing him in the jungle.

Zilong Counters and Weakness

One of his weaknesses is his predictability. Since Zilong is a straightforward hero, everyone can predict what he will do next, which makes him very easy to counter.

So, the heroes that counter Zilong are Aldous, Arugus, badang, chou and Lesley. But, he is weak against Layla, Miya, Ling, Hayabusa and Wan Wan.

Zilong Build

Here the table shows the Zilong items in Mobile Legends to build him high damage assassin/fighter hero:

Corrosion scythe
Corrosion scythe provides you with attack damage and attack speed, and its passive slows enemies with your attacks, making it easier to catch up with them and deal more damage. So, the corrosion scythe is the first best item for the MLBB Zilong build.

Swift Boots 
It provides movement and attack speed which both work well with zilong.

Demon Hunter sword 
Since most of Zilong’s damage comes from his physical autos and attack speed, he will benefit greatly from the passive demon Hunter sword. Its passive allows you to do max current health damage to targets, making it easier to burst down squashy heroes and even tanks.

Golden staff
It gives you the most attack speed in the game compared to other items. Its passive allows you to get up to 500% attack speed, and every 1% of extra crict chance gets converted to extra attack speed. This build item will tremendously boost Zilong damage.

Blade of despair 
Another great item for zilong is the Blade of Despair, as it allows you to deal tons of extra damage to targets below 50% health. It has the highest physical attack stats out of all items. It grants you a whopping +160 physical damage which is a lot.

Malefic roar
Since you are stacking physical damage, you will need armour penetration to counter enemy heroes who build armor. So, Malefic Roar will provide you with physical penetration and stacks up to 20%.

Zilong Emblem

Zilong Emblem build

The assassin emblem is the best Mobile Legends emblem choice for Zilong build to one-shot squishy targets. Going this emblem grants you +13 physical attack,+2.5% crict chance,+5% CD reduction, +2% movement speed, and +10.50 physical penetration.

Best skin

Zilong Skin Mobile Legends

Empyrean Palladian is the best skin for Zilong, but unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase as it was a collector’s skin.