All about Chou in Mobile Legends Bang Bang- Ultimate Guide

All about Chou in Mobile Legends Bang Bang- Ultimate Guide

Chou is one of the most durable and versatile heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Having a powerful cc skill and being immune to the crowd control effect of an enemy, she is still preferred by many in MLBB. Considering the durability and ability, Chou is suitable as both- laner and a tank in the game with the relevant builds.

The ultimate guide for Chou in Mobile legends(MLBB)

1) How to master the skills of Chou hero?

It takes a minimum of 200 matches to become the master of Chou in MLBB. If you want to become good with this hero, you need a lot of dedication and practice.

2) Understanding the skills and abilities of Chou:

(i) Passive Skill – Only Fast :

Only fast is the passive skill of Chou that enhances his basic attacks. When his passive is activated, You can notice Chou through the presence of the burning fire on his fist.

(ii) First Skill – Jeet Kune Do :

This skill of chou deals a decent amount of physical damage to an enemy whilst stunning them. This attack allows Chou to punch in the forward direction 3 times continuously in the battle of mobile legends.

The third attack of this skill knocks the enemies into the air and resets the CD of his second skill if he lands his blow on the enemy.

(iii) Second Skill – Shunpo :

It is one of the coolest skills of Chou, which makes him immune to any CC effects in the game. This skill grants Chou the ability to dash for a short distance, becoming immune to Crowd Control effects while dashing. After Dash, his Physical penetration increases, gaining a shield to absorb the physical attacks.

(iv) Ultimate Skill – The way of Dragon :

His ultimate allows him to cast a roundhouse kick, which knocks back the target. After the kick, it comes to a chase attack, which deals significant physical damage to an enemy hero.

However, you should note that you cannot activate the chase attack if you fail to tap the ultimate skill button for a second time within the 2 seconds (The roundhouse kick).

3) What is the best Emblem for Chou in MLBB?

The use of an emblem depends on the role in which you want to fit your Chou. So, if you like to play Chou as an off laner, it would be much better to use a custom assassin emblem with high and dry talent.

What is the best Emblem for Chou in MLBB(Mobile Legends)?

However, use a custom tank emblem with a talent concussive blast for Chou as a tank in Mobile legends. It will make Chou highly durable as a tank and perform better in the game.

4) What is the best Battle Spell for Chou in MLBB?

Among the many battle spells in the mobile legends(MLBB), flicker is the most used spell with Chou. The use of flicker with the skill of chou can produce a strong combo attack, which can knock the enemy hero in the direction of our allies and deal significant amounts of physical damage.

5) What is the Best Build For Chou in MLBB?

What is the Best Build For Chou in Mobile legends?

Here, I’ll be talking only about the fighter build for Chou, which will enhance the physical damage of Chou as well as increase his damage resistance.

The items in this build are
(i) Warrior Boot:- To increase the movement speed and the physical defense of the hero.
(ii) Endless Battle:- It Enhance the damage of the basic attack.
(iii) Blade of Despair:- Increase the physical attack significantly.
(iv) Windtalker:- To increase the attacking speed of the hero.
(v) Brute Force Armor:- To enhance the physical defense of the hero.
(vi) Athena Shield:- To minimize the damage of burst-magical attacks.

You can use this build and dominate the battleground with his burning fist. However, it is only possible if you make wise use of Chou. Whether you play Chou as a fighter or a tank, you must not forget your objective of protecting turrets and ganking in the ML fights.

If you are to use Chou as a fighter, make sure to focus on laning in the early game. You can always roam t=in the mid-game and help your team in a team fight with the impressive abilities of Chou.

Here ends the ultimate guide on how to use Chou in Mobile Legends. I hope my tips will help you improve your gameplay and rank up faster.

If it does help, please do leave a comment below. You can also share any extra tips and tricks with us by reaching us through an email or dropping down your comment in the comment section.