How to Enchant items in Minecraft?

How to Enchant items in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, You can enchant items like armor, tools, weapons, etc. Having enchantments in your items makes the game a lot easier.

Enchanting an item in the game means making it Stronger. Also, adding enchants to the things gives different attributes.

How to enchant items in Minecraft step by steps

The first way to enchant your items is by getting an enchantment table. For this method, you will need to be at a certain level. The enchantment costs some lapis lazuri and some levels.

(Step 1): First, you need to place an enchantment table. You will need two diamonds, a book, and 4 obsidian blocks.

(Step 2): Place bookshelves around the enchantment table.

(Step 3): Put the item you want to enchant and some lapis lazuri in the enchantment table.

make Enchantment table in Minecraft to enchant items

So, it is the way to enchant your items through the enchantment table in Minecraft. Remember it costs lapis lazuri and some of your levels.

Another way to get enchanted items in Minecraft is through villagers. Villagers that take up jobs have a chance to give you enchantment items.

A Fletcher can give you an enchanted bow or crossbow. Similarly, the librarian can provide you with ‘enchanted’ books, and a toolsmith is the best person to buy ‘enchanted’ tools in Minecraft.

You can enchant your items by getting enchantment books.

(Step 1): Build an anvil. You will need 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron bars.

(Step 2): Put your item you want to enchant and your enchanted book into the anvil.

So, this is how you can enchant your items from enchantment books.
You can get these enchanted books from the librarian, from desert temples, from the nether fortress, damaged nether portals, bastions, mineshafts, etc. It also costs you levels.

You can also combine two enchanted books to make it into one just like this:

How to get enchanted items in Minecraft?

(i) You can get enchantment items by AFK fishing or fishing. It is typically a long process but is quite effective.

Enchanted Book in Minecraft

(ii) You can also get enchantments by killing mobs(but with a low chance). Also, you can find enchanted items and enchanted books at the end city and end fortress in Minecraft.

end city and end fortress in Minecraft

So, These are the ways you can get enchanted items/ enchant your things in Minecraft.